New Hands

New Hands - Get Me Back To The Apple - Rue Payenne - J. C. Hymn - Chrass - It's Your Choice - Johan

Lars Danielsson bass; Dave Liebman soprano sax; Bobo Stenson piano; Jon Christensen drums

Some O' This and Some O' That

Some O' This And Some O' That - In A Sentimental Mood - There Will Never Be Another You - Love Of My Life - Simple Isn't Easy - Love Dance - All Blues - We'll Be Together Again

Roger Kellaway piano; Putte Wickman clarinet; Red Mitchell bass

Alone Together

Alone Together - Just Friends - I Should Care - Dear Old Stockholm - Emily - It's A Wonderful World - Blue Blues - I Surrender Dear

Roger Kellaway piano; Red Mitchell bass.

The Very Thought Of You

Sweet Georgia Brown - Out Of Nowhere - Sophisticated Lady - Days Of Wine And Roses - How About You - Darn That Dream - Topsy - The Very Thought Of You - Gone With The Wind - I'm Glad There's You - Don't Get Around Much Anymore - Ill Wind - My Romance

Putte Wickman clarinet; Red Mitchell bass; piano (3 titles)


Cats - Lies - Tick-Tock - Dreams - Missing Monk - Ceremony

Conductor and valve trombone: Bob Brookmeyer; trumpets and fluegelhorns: Jan Kohlin, Fredrik Norén, Lasse Lindgren, Stig Persson, Gustavo Bergalli; trombones: Mikael Råberg, Bertil Strandberg, Mats Hermansson, Sven Larsson; reeds: Dave Castle, Håkan Broström, Ulf Andersson, Johan Alenius, Hans Arktoft; piano and keyboards: Anders Widmark; bass: Jan Adefelt; drums: Johan Dielemans.

Live in Sweden

Lament -My Ideal -Beatrice -Ellen David - You Can't Go Home Again - Ray's Idea - Milestones - But Not For Me

Chet Baker trumpet, vocal (My Ideal, But Not For Me); Åke Johansson piano; Kjell Jansson bass; Göran Levin drums

An Anthology Of Swedish Jazz Piano Volume 1

I'm Getting Sentimental Over You - Piano - Rock Music/Då;mba - Taste Of Wood - Excuse The Blues - You Took Advantage Of Me - Sylvester's Last Voyage - Soaked Sorrows - Selleritripp - Kort sommar - Six Pictures - It's The Talk Of The Town - Återseende - Swanis' Blues

Solo piano: Bengt Hallberg, Harald Svensson, Göran Strandberg, Lars Sjösten, Jan Wallgren, Rolf Larsson, Anders Widmark, Arne Forsén, Esbjörn Svensson, Staffan Linton, Lars Jansson, Per Henrik Wallin, Jan Strinnholm, Thore Swanerud

Live in Stockholm 1959

Close Your Eyes - Like Someone In Love - Lester Left Town - The Midget - A Night In Tunisia

Lee Morgan trumpet; Wayne Shorter tenor sax; Walter Davis Jr piano; Jymie Merritt bass; Art Blakey drums

Stan Hasselgard & Benny Goodman at Click1948

Cookin' One Up - Swedish Pastry - All The Things You Are - Mary's Idea - Swedish Pastry - After You've Gone - Bye Bye Pretty Baby - Mary's Idea - Mel's Idea - Indiana - Bye Bye Blues - Limehouse Blues - Donna Lee - Bye Bye Blues - Mel's Idea - Donna Lee - Swedish Pastry - Lullaby in Rhythm

Benny Goodman, Stan Hasselgard clarinet; Wardell Gray tenor sax; Teddy Wilson piano; Billy Bauer guitar; Arnold Fishkind bass; Mel Zelnick drums

The Dance Continues

Vinterdans - Folklore - Boston Skyline - Perequisite - Yrsnö - Tidigt en morgon när fåglarna kom tillbaka - Mon Amie

Erik Puppe Lundmark guitars; Joakim Milder tenor and soprano sax; Esbjörn Svensson piano; Johan Söderqvist synthesizers; Janne Hedin bass; Martin Löfgren drums & percussion

Younger Than Springtime 1959 - 61

Exactly Like You - Where Or When - Sometimes I'm Happy - There's A Small Hotel - Younger Than Springtime - Love For Sale - Autumn Leaves - Now See How You Are - Mack The Knife - Serenade In Blue - Beck's - Swingin' The Blues - Serenade In Blue (alt take) - Beck's (alt take) - Swingin' The Blues (alt take) - Suburban Street

Collective Personnel: Jan Johansson piano; Arne Domnérus alto sax; Bjarne Nerem tenor sax; Bengt Arne Wallin trumpet; Georg Riedel or Dan Jordan or Sture Nordin bass; Egil Johansen or William Schiöpffe drums

Still In Motion

Becoming Three - Ives - In Natura - Grown On Trees - Still - In Motion - In Touch

Joakim Milder tenor sax; Steve Dobrogosz piano; Christian Spering bass; Rune Carlsson drums

Lady M

Lady M - August 16th - Peter's Proud Walk - She Left For Paris - Sun Bridge - Islands - Evening Hours - Marmalade - Bass Blues - Kurt's Bow - Lady M

Carl Fredik Orrje piano; Kurt Lindgren bass; Ali Djeridi drums

Dark Light

Dark Light - Friendship - Till Cornelis - Rain Ballad - Who's Coming? - In And Out - On The Edge - Magic Hands - Love Call

Håkan Broström tenor & soprano sax; Bobo Stenson piano; Max Schultz guitar; Christian Spering bass; Anders Kjellberg drums


There Is No Greater Love - Marionett - Autumn Leaves - My One And Only Love - Talking - Like Someone In Love - Big'n And The Bear - The Nåid Is Awake - On Green Dolphin Street

Joakim Milder tenor sax; Lars Jansson piano; Red Mitchell bass

Unfinished Affair

Heart Beat - Some Other Story - Song For Judith - Little Tune For Karin - Unfinished Affair - Better Sweet Than Never - Which Is This Thing Called What - Someonce Upon A Time - Anagram - The Shadow Of Your Smile - The Whistler

Staffan Linton piano; Yasuhito Mori bass

Far Away

Fop 1 - Slash Romantic - Färd M - Far Away - Carlos - Algorytm - Do Not Cover - Ester - En annan planet - Batman Sucks - Hotel Song - Oskar

Jonas Knutsson saxophones; Anders Forsberg keyboards; Per Westerlund guitars, guitarsynth.; Mikael Berglund bass; Morgan Ågren drums

The Final Touch

The Final Touch - Neverland - Let's Get Serious - Wishing Song - An Apple From The Tree - Cry For You - Famous Guy - Eve And Mary - Hole In Your Shoe - Closing Time At Schubert's - The Final Touch (repris)

Berit Andersson vocal; Steve Dobrogosz piano

Jump For Joy 1959 - 61

Studio A - Blues For F. F. I. B. - The Lament - Rund Funk - Boogie Stop Shuffle - Young Married Man - Thursday's Child - Melancholy Lullabye - Lester Left Town - Mox Nix - In The Fall - Friday The 13th - I'm Glad There Is You - Haul Away Joe - Jump For Joy - Suburban Street - Do Me A Favour

Collective Personnel: Arne Domnérus alto sax and clarinet; Jan Allan trumpet; Bengt-Arne Wallin trumpet & fluegelhorn; Rolf Blomqvist or Bjarne Nerem tenor sax; Rune Falk baritone sax & bass clarinet; Rune Gustafsson guitar; Gunnar Svensson or Bengt Hallberg or Jan Johansson piano; Georg Riedel bass; William Schiöpffe or Egil Johansen drums; arrangements by Bengt Hallberg, Georg Riedel, Gunnar Svensson, Gösta Theselius and Bengt-Arne Wallin

In Confidence

Sami Procedure - Hotel Harmonie - The Tea Dance - In Confidence - In The Path Of A Steamroller - Denile - Surburban Meditations - Sasha Says - You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To

Collective personnel: Lars Sjösten piano; Dave Castle alto sax: Krister Andersson tenor sax; Gunnar Bergsten baritone sax; Jan Kohlin trumpet; Bertil Strandberg trombone; Petter Carlsson French horn; Öystein Baadsvik tuba; Patrik Boman bass; Nils Danell drums

Ur hjärtans djup

En långtrasig visa - Telegram för en bombad by - Höst - Ambrosia - Spleen - Där är polisen - Lasse liten blues - Sweet Summer - Grimasch om morgonen - Dröm - Why Coffe - A Little Song - Hur nära är socialismen

Arne Forsén piano; Pia Olby vocal

Greetings From The Rats

Nya Kungssången - Do The Yin, Do The Yan - Information-Waltz - Fanfar III - The Cat And The Bear - Lexikon - This Train - Teven tuggar - Greetings From The Rats - Seven Short Pieces - I Like - Empty House

Erik Balke, Sture Ericson, Thomas Jäderlund, Jonas Åkerblom reeds and voice; Per Ekblad percussion


Luft - Rhinoceros suite (2 - 4) - Noshörning - The Era Of Lost Memory - Stormwind Sulphur And Chrystal Ark - Pine-O-Mania - The Spirit Of Olsson - Alku - Dance Of The Gnomes - Music In Sand - Invocation Of Adam - Listening - Reliable Operation - Clean Energy

Jörgen Adolfsson saxophones and misc. instr.; Tuomo Haapala bass and misc. instr.; Sune Spångberg drums and misc. instr.

That Was That

Gone With The Wind - Leavin' Blues - Exactly Like You - Bridge Across Forever - When Lights Are Low - How Deep Is The Ocean - Billie's Bounce - Crazy She Calls Me - C Jam Blues - That Was That

Roger Kellaway piano; Red Mitchell bass, vocal


Kera - Mayéli - Adé Jobi - Fullaymatu - Annika - Soweto - Ayisa - Aminatu - Swedish Weather

Ahmadu Jarr vocal, talking drum, kay lang, African water drum; Anders Nilson trumpet; Ulf Lindén alto & baritone sax; Henrik Westerberg tenor sax; Anders Malmström; Mattias Torell guitar; Björn Lundqvist el. bass, cow bell; Raphael Sida timbales, cow bell, temple blocks; Ola Ragnar drums; Sammy Kasule vocal, el. bass; Gerald Nnaddi Banga vocal, perc.; Marianne N'Lemvo vocal, perc.; Antoine Mendy talking drum, cow bell


Song Of The Swan - Someone Else - A Little Bit Closer - An Ordinary Life - Topaz And Sir Tom - Intoxication - On A Desert Isle - Turn On My TV - Salieri On The Throne - Love Survives - Pen And Paper - Be Good To Me

Berit Andersson vocal; Steve Dobrogosz piano, organ; Mats Bergström guitar; Olle Steinholtz bass; Per Lindvall drums; Guests: Joakim Milder tenor sax; Nils Landgren trombone; Mats Ronander harmonica; Bo Eriksson English horn, oboe; Ola Karlsson cello; Putte Wickman clarinet; Pia Alsin harp

From Things To Sounds

Gush Of Things - Gush Of Sounds - Gush Of Gush

Mats Gustafsson sopranino, soprano & tenor sax, fluteophone, flute; Sten Sandell piano, harmonium; Raymond Strid, drums, guitar

Full Of Life

Tabasco - Moon Lake - Full Of Life - Running After - Easy - Upside Down - Good Morning - Latin Jump - Ode - Memories Of - Five Steps To Eleven

Bernt Rosengren alto & tenor sax; Nils Sandström tenor sax; Göran Strandberg piano; Sture Nordin bass; Bengt Stark drums


Below The Surface - Asking, Thinking - The Soulful Tree - Longing - Now And Forever - Lost In The Fog - One More - Medieval Wind - Baraban - Growing, Moving - The End

Inge Petersson tenor sax; Esbjörn Svensson piano; Klavs Hovman bass; Peter Danemo drums


Alfonsina - Sommarnatt - Jungfrun under lind - Ute blåser sommarvind - El mayor - Hannele - Rabo de nube - Ricercare - Oleo de mujer con sombrero - Pasado en re

Anders Jormin bass

Provinsens Ljus

Septemberljus - Hemmasonen - Baktung skönsång om hösten - Vals trist - Den sista långa vintern - Istappar - Vårtecken - Aprilstycket - Ännu en dag vid Haväng - Slutsång - Midsommarnattsrus - Sommarland - Skördetid - Kärlek, glesbygd - Skuggorna

Jacques Werup vocal; Thomas Lindahl compositions and arr.; Sinfonietta Syd


Crystalline - Little Peanut - Suite - Dressed Up - Psalmen - Vana - Negative Space - Folk Song (To All Children)

Dave Liebman soprano sax; Bobo Stenson piano; Lars Danielsson bass; Jon Christensen drums

Fine Together

Days Of Wine And Roses - This Is Mine - Village - Lament - Embraceable You - Warming Up - To My Friends - For All We Know - Senza Unico - Fine Together - Sweet Georgia Upside Down

Clarinet soloist: Putte Wickman; trumpets: Magnus Appelholm, Hans Dyvik, Christer Linde, Bo Strandberg; trombones: Mats Siggstedt, Ingvar Sandström, Mimmi Hammar, Rickard Sandström, Lennart Löfgren; reeds: Bernt Eklund, Thomas Andersson, Bengt Öslöf, Göran Cederlöf, Lars Olov Ahnell; rhythm section: Lars-åke Larsson piano, Andreas Petterson guitar, Jörgen Smeby bass, Martin Löfgren drums

The Hug

What? - Damberg - I'll Keep Lovin' You - Minor March - Felicidade - A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square - Where Is Miss J? - They Didn't Believe Me - The Fugue - It Can't be True - The Hug

Bernt Rosengren tenor sax & flute; Carl Fredrik Orrje piano; Anders Ullberg guitar; Torbjörn Hultcrantz bass; Leif Wennerström drums

On The Way

Moon Road - Dino - Where And When - Green Light - El Dia Que Me Quieras - Ripples - Wonderful Is Shorter - Bar Latino - In The Shade - On The Way

Gustavo Bergalli trumpet; Håkan Broström tenor & soprano sax; Anders Persson piano; Christian Spering bass; Magnus Gran drums


Jigsaw - Off The Cuff - The Decision - Here We Are - Touch - Blue Note - The Folks Who Live On The Hill - Running

Conductor, arr. & piano: Jim McNeely; trumpets & fluegelhorns: Jan Kohlin, Fredrik Norén, Gustavo Bergalli, Stig Persson, Peter Asplund; trombones: Bertil Strandberg, Mikael Råberg, Mats Hermansson, Anders Wiborg; reeds: Dave Castle, Johan Hörlén, Ulf Andersson, Jan Levander, Hans Arktoft; bass: Jan Adefelt; drums: Martin Löfgren; Guest soloist Joakim Milder tenor sax


Aim - Gunjoh - Boliden - Bells Of Archangelsk - Gössa Anders valsen - X-Theme/Ljusrost - P.O.W - Three Cousins - Work-ing (Umsebenzi) - J Tournier & Fils Nr 100

Arne Forsén piano; Ulf Åkerhielm bass; Gilbert Matthews drums

Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins

Korpo ll - Nu nu och då nu går då och nu - Marodörerna över Bagdad - Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins - J.W - Haecuba - Min elva kan kaste Alba - Du går den ton - Viska - Döbeln 1981 - Omvända stycket - I Should Care

Per Henrik Wallin piano; Mats Gustafsson saxophones; Kjell Nordeson drums


Almost Human - Go - Calls - Deepskin - Squeeze - The Watch - Ism - Jungle Feet

Bo Wiklund keyboards; Staffan Svensson trumpet; Per Ekblad drums, perc.

Forever Lulu

Holy Grail - Hot House - Cosmic Eggs - May Day - Mazurka - Mysko - Al Fresco - When We Were One - Forever Lulu - Coma

Krister Andersson tenor sax; Björn Alke piano; Palle Danielsson bass; Rune Carlsson drums

Present Directions

Weka Waltz - Before Eleven - Thanks - Flight North - Three Steps - Beatvis - Song For Hanna - Back Again - Forgotten Lines - Flight South - Piece - Oreda ll

Ewan Svensson guitar; Palle Danielsson bass; Magnus Gran drums

Live In Stockholm

Doxy - Sophisticated Lady - Life's A Take - I'll Never Be The Same - I'm Getting Sentimental Over You - All The Things You Are - I Love You

Joakim Milder tenor sax; Roger Kellaway piano; Red Mitchell bass

Sax Appeal & Trisection

Curbits - Play For Love - Birdland - Brand New - Just A Take - Blues For Bill - Zodiac - Trisection l - Trisection ll - Trisection lll - Day-Dreaming - Ars Gratia Artis - Joker

Collective personnel: Rolf Billberg alto sax; Bertil Löfdahl, Harry Bäcklund tenor sax; Lars Gullin, Erik Nilsson baritone sax; Eje Thelin trombone; Idrees Sulieman, Jan Allan trumpet; Sven Olof Walldoff bass trumpet; Nils Lindberg piano; Sture Nordin bass; Conny Svensson, Sture Kallin drums

In Stockholm 1959

Should I - Royal Garden Blues - Burgundy Street Blues - Red Wing - Lord, Lord, Lord You've Sure Been Good To Me - Tin Roof Blues - Runnin' Wild - Milenburg Joys - Tishomingo Blues - Nobody Knows The Way I Feel This Morning - Mahogany Hall Stomp - Over The Waves

Avery "Kid" Howard trumpet, vocal; Jim Robinson trombone; George Lewis clarinet; Joseph Robichaux piano; Alcide "Slow Drag" Pavageau bass; Joe Watkins drums, vocal


All The Things You Are - Tenderness - Hip Hop - Melodi - I Love You - Understand It - Just Friends - Here, There And Everywhere - Ain't Misbehavin' - Happiness - David dansar på gatan - Vaggvise vals - Songe D'Automne - My Funny Valentine - Miss M.C.

Peter Gullin tenor & baritone sax; Jacob Fischer guitar; Ole Rasmussen bass

Swedish Hot 1939 - 41

Swinging The Bow - Melancholy Swing - Stardust - Hallelujah - I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart - A Bit Of Swing - Jumping For Joy - Crazy Rhythm - I Found A New Baby - I Surrender Dear - Swing That Riff - I'm In The Mood For Love - Hodge Podge - Honest And Truly - Wham - I May Be Wrong - Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea - Lonely Moments - When Lights Are Low - Mood Indigo - Let's Sing - Swinging The Blues - Opus 5 - E Flat Jump - Boogie Woogie - Sometimes I'm Happy - Morning Jump

Collective personnel: Emil Iwring violin, vocal; Sven Stiberg guitar, arr.; Folke Eriksberg, Kalle Löhr, Göran Landberg guitar; Roland Bengtsson guitar & bass, Per Liljefors, Thore Jederby bass; Ove Rönn alto sax

Vol 1 1955/56 with Chet Baker

Danny's Dream - Igloo - Lars Meets Jeff - Cool Blues - Brash - Lover Man - I'll Remember April - All Of Me - Like Someone In Love - Jeepers Creepers - You Go To My Head - Fedja - Ma - Perntz

Collective personnel: Chet Baker trumpet; Rolf Billberg, Bjarne Nerem tenor sax; Lars Gullin, Lennart Jansson baritone sax; Arne Domnérus alto sax, clarinet; Gordon Olsson trombone; Dick Twardzik, Rune Öfverman, Gunnar Svensson piano; Georg Riedel, Jimmy Bond, Bengt Carlsson bass; Peter Littman, Bosse Stoor, Nils Bertil Dahlander, Egil Johansen drums; Catherina Valente vocal

Live At Sweet Basil

Invitation - Body And Soul - Paradox - Boat People - Home - Stella By Starlight - The Lizzard

Anders Bergcrantz trumpet; Rick Margitza tenor sax; Richie Beirach piano; Ron McClure bass; Adam Nussbaum drums

Trio Con Tromba

I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart - Body And Soul - Sonny Boy - Some Of These Days - Star Dust - Sold I musik - Samba Joyce - Pojke i dimma - Who's Sorry Now - I Didn't Know What Time It Was - Time On My Hands - Sweet Georgia Brown - Fr–ken Fr”ken - Mulen - Hotel De Marle - Absolution - Solitarity

Jan Allan trumpet; Bengt Hallberg piano; Georg Riedel bass

To My Friends

May Suite l - May Suite ll - May Suite lll - To My Friends - Lemon Pepper - Tove's Song - Help - Night Time - Two Bass Fishers Walking Down The Line l - Two Bass Fishers Walking Down The Line ll - Ice Eyes - Blues In Algot Major

Lasse Lindgren trumpet & fluegelhorn; Mikael Råberg trombone; Esbjörn Svensson piano; Jan Adefelt bass; Raymond Karlsson drums

In Stockholm 1960 Complete

So What - On Green Dolphin Street - All Blues/The Theme - Coltrane Interview - So What - Fran-Dance - Walkin'/The Theme - Walkin' - Autumn Leaves - So What - 'Round Midnight/The Theme - June Night - Stardust - On Green Dolphin Street - All Blues/The Theme - All Of You - Walkin' - Autumn Leaves/The Theme - Softly As In A Morning Sunrise - Makin' Whoopee - Lover Man - If I Were A Bell - No Blues/The Theme

Miles Davis trumpet; John Coltrane tenor sax, or Sonny Stitt alto and tenor sax; Wynton Kelly piano; Paul Chambers bass; Jimmy Cobb drums (4 CD set)

In Stockholm 1959 St Thomas

St Thomas - There Will Never Be Another You - Stay As Sweet As You Are - I've Told Every Little Star - How High The Moon - Oleo - Paul's Pal - Rollins Interview - It Don't Mean A Thing If It Aint Got That Swing - Paul's Pal - Love Letters

Sonny Rollins tenor sax; Henry Grimes bass; Pete La Roca or Joe Harris drums

Circles And Triplets

Lena - Circles & Triplets - Hommýge A O' - Four In One - Monk's Mood - Blues For Gilbert - Trivial Pursuit - Waiting

Bosse Broberg trumpet; Stefan Isaksson tenor sax; Åke Johansson piano; Ivar Lindell bass; Gilbert Matthews drums


Da Gamba - Decisive Moments l - Decisive Moments ll - View - Apart - Other Ways - Bourgogne - Di Venosa - Where Pies Go When They Die - Take It To The Bridge - Finally

Collective personnel: Joakim Milder tenor & soprano sax, recorder; Steve Dobrogosz piano; Christian Spering bass; Rune Carlsson drums; Lasse Lindgren trumpet; Håkan Nyqvist French horn; Bertil Strandberg trombone; Henrik Frendin viola; Petur Östlund percussion; Uppsala Chamber Soloists


Populistic Election Suit(e) Part 1 - Part 2 - Dopad Part 1 - Part 2 - Viltstråk - Sallad 0f - Musaik - Pendel - Förvirring i manegen Part 1 - Part 2 - Värnamosviten Part 1 - Ninanotchka - Procession

Lasse Lindgren trumpet & fluegelhorn; Mikael Råberg trombone; Jan Levander alto & soprano sax, flute, bassoon; Fredrik Ljungkvist tenor & soprano sax; Jonas Forsell baritone & bass saxophone, bass clarinet; Arne Tengstrand piano; Jan Adefelt bass; Magnus Öström drums; Anders Wiborg bass trombone #1, 2, 3

Bent's Jump

Not Nice At All - Deed-Lee-Yah - Snowball - Rose's Hangover - Flying Leaves - Bent's Jump

Bernt Rosengren alto & tenor sax; Krister Andersson tenor sax & clarinet; Göran Lindberg piano; Sture Nordin bass; Bengt Stark drums

Vol 2 Modern Sounds 1953

All The Things You Are - The Squirrel - Deed I Do - Over The Rainbow - Lullaby In Rhythm - He's Funny That Way - You Go To My Head - The Things We Did Last Summer - Ablution - Lady Fingers - The Front - The Boy Next Door - North Express - Hershey Bar - That Old Black Magic - They Didn't Believe Me - Night And Day - Chloe - Dedicated To Lee tk 1 - Dedicated To Lee tk 2 - Late Date - Love Me Or Leave Me - Yvette - You Go To My Head

Collective personnel: Lars Gullin alto & baritone sax; Wade Legge, Gunnar Svensson, Putte Lindblom, Bob Laine, Mats Olsson piano; Lou Hackney, Simon Brehm, Yngve Åkerberg, Georg Riedel, Lars Pettersson, Don Bagley, Tauno Suojärvi bass; Al Jones, Wes Ilcken, Jack Norén, Bosse Stoor, Stan Levey drums; Weine Renliden, Conte Candoli trumpet; Kettil Ohlsson baritone sax; Frank Rosolino trombone; Lee Konitz alto sax; Zoot Sims tenor sax Rita Reys vocal (3-6)

West Of The Moon

For All We Know - I Cover The Waterfront - You Stepped Out Of A Dream - If You Could See Me Now - West Of The Moon - Blues For O'

Bosse Broberg trumpet; Joakim Milder tenor sax; Gösta Rundqvist piano; Red Mitchell bass; Martin Löfgren drums

Jazz Highlights 1939 - 55

Lady Be Good - The Flat Foot Floogie - Runt om ett enrissnÂr - Royal Strut - Roses Of Picardy - Meditation - Music After Dinner - Jag stÂr i regnet - My Buddy - Budin' - Just A Dixie - St Louis Blues - Limehouse Blues - Sonny Boy - Missisippi Mood - Clarinet Blues - Carribean Clipper - Pan Pipe Riff - Guitar Blues - Ridin' High - Coquette - Sinbad The Sailor - Cadillac Slim - Reactions - Don't Be That Way - Crazy Rhythm

Collective personnel includes: Thore Ehrling, Gösta Törner, Gösta Pettersson, Gösta Redlig, Rune Ander trumpet, George Vernon trombone, John Björling, Ove Rönn, Carl-Henrik Norin, Curt Blomqvist, Arne Domnérus reeds; Thore Jederby bass; Anders Soldén, Gösta Hedén drums

Live At Clipper Club

Arjuna - For Heaven's Sake - Soon - Makin' Whoopee - I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water - The Shadow Of Your Smile - T'ain't Nobody's Biz-ness If I Do - A Foggy Day - On A Clear Day - Fly Me To The Moon - Hallelujah I Love Her So - Misty - A Foggy Day - Sonny Stitt

Mats Nilsson tenor sax; Peter Nordahl piano; Patrik Boman bass; Henrik Wartel drums; Bob Manning vocal

Live In Finland

Summertime - Stella By Starlight - How High The Moon - Body And Soul - My Romance - Getting Close To You - Love For Sale - Aja's Theme - There Will Never Be Another You

Putte Wickman clarinet; Andreas Pettersson guitar; Jörgen Smeby bass; Martin Löfgren drums


Circling - Beeing - Glass Voices - Early Meeting - Tuesday Evening - Am I Right - Boat Trip - Eagle Eyes - Sleepy Albin - No Secrets - 2nd Flight - Piece ll -

Ewan Svensson guitars; Owe Ingemarsson tenor sax EWI; Matz Nilsson bass; Magnus Gran drums; Harald Svensson piano


Star Eyes - Lars Meets Jeff - Zodiac - Body And Soul - Pain Attention - Happy Again - Eerie - Friends

Lee Konitz alto & soprano sax; Gunnar Bergsten baritone sax; Lars Sjösten piano; Peter Söderblom bass; Nils Danell drums


Fop 4 - Ofra Haza - Looks Like Snow - Köttskalle - Loss - Requiem - Tungur - Kaotika - M.P.H. - Angel Shout - Hovercraft

Per Johansson tenor sax; Jonas Knutsson alto & soprano sax; Anders Forsberg keyboards; Mikael Berglund bass; Dan Strömkvist drums

Quintets 1961 -66

Pia - Juan-Les-Pins - Persepolis: Intro & över stock och sten - Farfars vals - Puschkin 55 & Coda - Päronet i Montecello - Atarax - Fin sikt över havet - Relax - Float Downstream - Maybe Tomorrow - Heavenly Blue

Collective personnel: Lars Färnlöf cornet; Björn Netz, Lennart Öberg tenor sax; Staffan Abeleen piano; Göran Pettersson, Björn Alke, Palle Danielsson bass; Rune Carlsson, Bosse Skoglund drums; Monica Zetterlund vocal


Bagatell - Sofala - Mull - Mocambique - Sul Tasto - Not - December - Mylla - Q

Per Jörgensen trumpet; Severi Pyysalo vibraphone; Harald Svensson keyboards; Anders Jormin bass; Lisbeth Diers percussion

Vol 3 1954/55 Late Summer

Late date - Lover Man - Beautiful Heart - Gone With The Wind - Merlin - Always - Man Lover - All The Things You Are - Yesterdays - Too Marvelous For Words - BBC Blues - Late Summer - For F.J. Fans Only - Merlin tk 1 - Merlin tk 2

Collective personnel includes: Lars Gullin baritone sax; Rolf Billberg tenor sax; Jutta Hipp, Claes-Göran Fagerstedt piano; Georg Riedel bass; Bosse Stoor, William Schiöppfe drums; Moretone Singers

Melody In Blue

For Absent Friends - In A Latin-American Way - Melody In Blue - Blues In Tempo Presto - Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer's Day - Little Willie Leaps - Vall-låt - Vals från Enviken - Polska With All My Love - Blue Bop - Vaggvisa-Lullaby - Cottontail

Anders Paulsson tenor & soprano sax; Johan Hörlén alto sax; Joakim Milder & Krister Andersson tenor sax; Charlie Malmberg baritone sax; Nils Lindberg piano; Jan Adefelt bass; Bengt Stark drums.

Standards & Blueprints

A Child Is Born - Here's That Rainy Day - Body And Soul - Blackbird - I Love You - Vem kan segla förutan vind - Hints And Suggestions - To Monk And Bud - For Arnold, Alban And Anton - Six Blueprints

Jan Wallgren piano

Time Again

Include - Blues To Jimi - Not Even Eight - Don't Tow My Car Away - No. 1 - Ballad For Wes - Theme For L - Empty V - A Silent Walk Down

Göran Klinghagen guitars; David Wilczewski tenor & soprano sax; Bruno Råberg bass; Magnus Gran drums; Lars Jansson piano

When Everyone Has Gone

When Everyone Has Gone - Fingertrip - Free Four - Stella By Starlight - Mohammed Goes To New York part l & ll - Waltz For The Lonely Ones - Silly Walk - Tough Tough - Hands Off

Esbjörn Svensson piano; Dan Berglund bass; Magnus Öström drums


Ball - Bakslagets vÂnda - P 1 - Caravan - M/Y Falken - Out Of Nowhere - Släpp - Bete - Pingu - D 8 - Bamse Theme

Anders Ekholm tenor sax; Tommy Skotte bass; Nils Danell drums

Dedicated To Lee

For F.J. Fans Only - Danny's Dream - Peter Of April - Merlin - Fine Together - Dedicated To Lee - Happy Again - Perntz - Our Knob - Late Date - The Flight

Lee Konitz alto sax; Gustavo Bergalli trumpet; Torgny Nilsson trombone; Hector Bingert tenor sax; Gunnar Bergsten baritone sax; Lars Sjösten piano; Lars Lundström bass; Egil Johansen drums; Jan Allan trumpet

Swingin' The Blues 1957/58

Jammin' The Blues - I Concentrate On You - Opus l - Fascinating Rhythm - That Old Feeling - I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me - Moments Like This - If I Were A Bell - All Through The Day - I Didn't Know What Time It Was - Get Happy - Come Rain Or Come Shine - If Dreams Come True - Bad Road - Scottie - Broadway - Alone Together - Azure - Willow Weep For Me - Cotton Tail - My Blue Heaven - I'm Free (What's New) - Swingin' The Blues

Collective personnel: Ove Lind clarinet; Gunnar "Ankan" Almstedt bass; Arnold Johansson trumpet; Bjarne Nerem tenor sax; Bengt Hallberg, Rune Öfwerman piano; Rolf Berg guitar; Sture Kallin, Ulf Carlsson, Anders Burman drums


Titbits - Woody Herman - Fisk 14 - Platto - Tank You

Tomas Jäderlund, Jonny Wartel, Sture Ericson, Mats Eklöf reeds; Per Ekblad drums; Jonny Axelsson percussion

Sweet And Lovely

Background Music - For F.J. Fans Only - Tumba Samba - Phil, Not Bill - Subway - What Is This Thing Called Love - SvallvÂgor - Seven Steps To Heaven - Fedja - Fem - Mus mus ballad - The Aching Heart Of An Oak - Blues For Lange - Sweet And Lovely

Jan Allan trumpet; Rune Gustafsson guitar; Georg Riedel bass

& The American Stars 1956

Forecast - You Go To My Head - Vacker flicka - A Night In Tunisia - Introduction - Dig - I'll Remember April - Oh, Lady Be Good - Looking For A Boy - Lover Man - A Foggy Day - I Got It Bad - Love For Sale - Half Nelson - These Foolish Things - Stella By Starlight - A Night In Tunisia - The Theme

Rolf Ericson trumpet; Cecil Payne or Lars Gullin baritone sax; Freddie Redd or Duke Jordan piano; Tommy Potter or John Simmons bass; Art Taylor or Joe Harris drums; Ernestine Anderson vocal

Stockholm Sweetnin'

Bird Song - Just Squeeze Me -Evelyn - Broadway - Little Man You've Had A Busy Day - Stockholm Sweetnin' - Nancy With The Laughing Face - Mel's Bells - In A Sentimental Mood - Without A Song - What Am I Here For - Thou Swell

Rolf Ericson trumpet & fluegelhorn; Nisse Sandström tenor sax; Göran Lindberg piano; Sture Nordin bass; Mel Lewis drums; or Claes Crona piano in duet with Rolf Ericson (4 tracks)

Celestial Nights

Spring - The Wagtail - Celestial Nights - Getting Closer - Possibilities - Pueritia - Dance Of The Leaves - The Wagtail ll - Remembrance

Håkan Broström alto & soprano sax; Bobo Stenson piano; Christian Spering bass; Anders Kjellberg drums

Året då natten var kort

Minns du Paris - Mot slutet av september - Kalla ingenting försent - Lämna någonting kvar - Klockan 5.30 utan Mogadon - Glömskans lek - Kärlek, glesbygd - Natt - Motståndet - Jordisk lustgård - Tack för allt - Sommar i provinshuvudstaden - Kärleksförklaring till en övermogen dam - Slutsång - Hyllning till livet

Jacques Werup vocal, with Mulle Holmqvist one-man-band

Aire de tango

Chacareza para Adolfo - Balada para guitarra - The Day Before - Arras da porta - Choro bandido - Aire de tango - Tango para Troilo y Salgan - La pesada - La milonguera - Desde lejos

Luis Salinas guitar & voice; Anders Persson piano & syntheziser; Christian Spering bass; Magnus Gran drums

Dance Of Resistance

Dance Of Resistance - How Deep Is The Ocean - S”rimner's Waltz - Pannonica - To Miss - The Best Things In Life Are Free - Everything I Love

Johan Hörlén alto & soprano sax; Torbjörn Gulz piano; Christian Spering bass; Jukkis Uotila drums

In This Together

Wake Up - Other Bells - Emerald - Majoun - Hope - Aurora - Sapphire - McJolt - Ruby - In This Together - Axis - Flammable

Anders Bergcrantz trumpet & fluegelhorn; Richie Beirach piano; Ron McClure bass; Adam Nussbaum drums

Dance In Music

Mrs Hope - All By Myself - Blunda och njut - Trapped - The Fairy Queen - Dance In Music - Herr och fru - Pregnant festival - Apart - Mr Goatcabin - Vaggvisa

Anna-Lena Laurin vocals, keyboards; Anders Bergcrantz trumpet & fluegelhorn; Rolf Nilsson guitar; Hans Andersson bass; Kristofer Johansson drums

In Sweden 1958 - 60

Honeysuckle Rose - They Can't Take That Away From Me tk 1 - Topsy tk 1 - Celebrating (Janne's Blues) tk 2 - Cabin In The Sky tk 2 - Like Someone In Love tk 3 - Speak Low tk 6 - Stockholm Street tk 2 - Bengt's Blues tk 2 - Gold Rush tk 1 - Stockholm Street tk 1 - Cabin In The Sky rehearsal tk - Cabin In The Sky tk 1 - Celebrating tk 1 - Speak Low tk 3 - Speak Low tk 5 - Like Someone In Love tk1 - Like Someone In Love tk 2 - Gold Rush tk 2 - Stairway To The Stars - Jordu - Ah-Moore - Just You, Just Me - I Remember Clifford - Night In Tunisia - Just A Child - Lover Come Back To Me

Collective personel: Stan Getz tenor sax; Benny Bailey trumpet; Åke Persson trombone; Erik Norström or Bjarne Nerem tenor sax; Lars Gullin baritone sax; Jan Johansson or Bengt Hallberg or Bosse Söderman piano; Gunnar Johnson or Georg Riedel or Torbjörn Hultcrantz bass; William Schiöpffe or Joe Harris or Ed Thigpen or Sune Spångberg drums

Vol 4 1959/60 Stockholm Street

Fine Together - The Black Rose - Merlin - For F.J. Fans Only - Nightshade - Birk's Works - Darn That Dream - Without A Chance - I Love You - Darn That Dream - Don't Get Scared - Blue Mail - The Yellow Leaves' Love To The Earth - Baritonome - Our Knob - Stockholm Street - Baritonome

Collective personel: Lars Gullin baritone saxophone; Bengt-Arne Wallin fluegelhorn; George Vernon, Eje Thelin, Andreas Skjold trombone; Rolf Billberg alto saxophone; Harry Bäcklund tenor saxophone; Lars Bagge piano; Sune Larsson guitar; Lars Petterson or Claes Lindroth or Erik Lundborg bass; Sture Kallin or Bosse Skoglund or Robert Edman drums

Transformed Evergreen

Cherokee - Insensatez - Night And Day - Fantasia l - Fantasia ll - Fantasia lll - Softly As In A Morning Sunrise - Poem Of Love - Garota De Ipanema/Aquarela Do Brazil - Afrodite - The Hollow Clown - Snurretoppen - My One And Only Love

Peter Gullin tenor & baritone sax; Morten Kaargard guitar; Ole Rasmussen bass

Fallin' Papers

Flykt - Den grå zonen - Piano - Vilse i förorten - Fallin' Papers - You Always Remember How - I snickarboa - Next Door - Nänå

Fredrik Ljungkvist saxophones & percussion; Torbjörn Gulz piano; Filip Augustson bass; Bo Söderberg drums

European Voices

Flykt - Einstein - Sanctus - House - Ormen - Winterreise - Eden - Lust - Skr”cken - Falling Down - Mungigan - Pacem - Mol allena - Fred - Snö - Den andra flykten - December - Spectra - Elise - Grov - Bereden väg för Herran

Lars Danielsson bass, cello; Marilyn Mazur drums, percussion; Michael Riessler saxophones & clarinets; Joakim Milder saxophones, bass recorder; Niels-Petter Molvaer trumpet; Tobias Sjögren, Eivind Aarset guitar

Live At Jazz Club Fasching

Papa Lips - Elvin's Mambo - Truth - Dialogue - In The 80's - Eye Of The Hurricane

Conductor and tenor sax soloist Bob Mintzer; trumpets & fluegelhorns: Jan Kohlin, Fredrik Norén, Gustavo Bergalli; trombones: Bertil Strandberg, Mikael Råberg, Mats Hermansson, Anders Wiborg; reeds: Dave Castle, Johan Hörlén, Jan Levander, Per "Texas" Johansson, Neta Norén; rhythm section: Göran Strandberg piano, Jan Adefelt bass, Jukkis Uotila drums, Raphael Sida percussion

Jazz Groups 1940 - 48

I Found A New Baby - Farewell Blues - Morning Jump - Blue Lou - När och var - Dixieland Drums - Boogie Woogie - Morning Jump - Jumping For Joy - Bix idé - Busters idé - Rhythm Is Our Business - Greetings To The Lion - Ev'n Jump - Vid den gamla kvarnen - Irritation Blues - Mr Five By Five - The Object Of My Affection - Don't Let It Mean Good Bye - Greetings To Sweden - Hey Ba-Ba-Re-Bop - All The Things You Are - Hallelujah - Rhythm In A Riff - Fine And Dandy

Collective personnel includes: Thore Jederby bass; Gösta Törner, Nisse Skoog, Gösta Redlig, Rune Ander, Rolf Ericson trumpet; Carl Henrik Norin, Bjarne Nerem, Arne Domnérus, John Björling reeds; Stig Holm, Bengt Hallberg piano; Sven Stiberg guitar; Ulf Linde vibraphone; Jack Norén drums.

Muskel Svan Gunga

Julsång - Pongo - What's Happening? - Malt/Country Waltz - Hologram - Monk Was A Dream - Natten var mörk - P1/Hip Cat - Soprano Journey - Bete/Pasacaglia/Tokvalsen - Hej då och tack

Anders Ekholm tenor sax & clarinet; Jan Johansson guitar & violin; Lars Erik Norrström syntheziser & piano; Peter Jansson bass; Eric Dahlbäck drums


Blaus - Bluesplankan - Tap Water - In A Sentimental Mood - Autumn Leaves - Wave - Lover Man - Days Of Wine And Roses - Bureau Blues

Jan Johansson guitar; Red Mitchell bass, piano & vocal

The Very Thought Of You

Poor Butterfly - The Saga Of Harrison Crabfeathers - Dialogic - The Very Thought Of You - Round & Round & Round - I'm Confessin' - Marionett - Jitterbug Waltz - Ablution - Vise I Februar - If I Should Lose You - Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry

Christina von Bülow alto sax; Jan Allan trumpet; Jacob Fischer guitar; Jens Skou Olsen bass

Swinging Umeå 1962 - 94

Fanfar - So Dere - The Hammock - The Runner - Sarek - Woodoo - Blues After Dark - Love For Sale - Havana Blues - Manteca

Collective personel: Lars Lystedt valve trombone; Leif Hellman tenor sax; Lars-Göran Ulander alto sax; Berndt Egerbladh, Bosse Bygdén piano; Ray Carlsson, Kenneth Österlund bass; Sten Öberg, Åke Burman, Leif Wennerström drums & Umeå Big Band with Benny Bailey (8th track only)

Don Quijote

Two Bass Hit - The End Of A Love Affair - Slow Dance - Blues On A Pair - Message - Dear Old Stockholm - Till Leif - Smile - I Can Dream, Can't I? - Enough - Speak Low - In A Sentimental Mood - Don Quijote - How Long Has This Been Going On? - Blues For Tobbe - Gerda

Bernt Rosengren tenor sax; Håkan Falthin trumpet; Håkan Nyqvist French horn; Göran Lindberg piano; Patrik Boman bass; Leif Wennerström drums

Alone With My Melodies

Ad Lib I - Ballad From Mockfjärd - Waltz From Enviken - Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer's Day - Tune For A Wedding - Ad Lib ll - Day-Dreaming - Herding Tune - A Ditty - Torn Erik's Song - In Memoriam - As You Are - Ad Lib lll

Nils Lindberg piano

Take Your Time!

Everything I Love - Take Your Time! - For Crying Out Loud - Afterthought - Lady Masai - Fashion's Out Of Style - The Call For You - Contre Tens

Jacob Karlzon piano; Mattias Svensson bass; Peter Danemo drums

Enchanted Moments

Hymn - Little Girl Blue - Cry Me A River - When I Fall In Love - Old Folks - I Wish I Knew - A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square - Blues At Night - My One And Only Love - Ballad Of The Sad Young Men

Ulf Wakenius guitar; Lars Jansson piano; Lars Danielsson bass; Raymond Karlsson drums

Tidal Dreams

Morgondopp - Back In Business - Finn-Karin letar olja - Autumn - April Light - Waltz For Evert - När du vänder dig i sömnen -

Collective personnel includes: Ann-Marie Henning piano; Fredrik Norén trumpet, fluegelhorn; Johan Alenius tenor & soprano sax; Tommy Johnson bass; Henrik Wartel drums; Berit Andersson vocal; Semmy Stahlhammer violin; Gustavo Bergalli, Peter Asplund, Jan Kohlin trumpet; Bertil Strandberg trombone; Johan Hörlén alto sax; Jan Adefelt bass; Martin Löfgren drums

The Passenger

Triste - The Passenger - Bay Of Angels - Tune For A Lyric - Lament - W K Blues - Lovebirds

Fredrik Norén trumpet; Tommy Koverhult tenor sax; Anders Norell trombone; Peter Nordahl piano; Patrik Boman bass; Henrik Wartel or Leif Wennerström drums; Rune Carlsson congas

Open Mind

Open Mind - The Voice Of Mr Achblund - Overseas - Time Will Tell - Stardust - Prospect Park Waltz - Silent Rain - Ten To One Blues - Gauwah

Peter Asplund trumpet & fluegelhorn; Johan Hörlén soprano & alto sax; Ion Bacu piano; Christian Spering bass; Johan Löfcrantz drums

Monk & More

Trinkle Tinkle - Pannonica - Straight, No Chaser - Reflections - Gallop's Gallop - Ruby My Dear - Well, You Needn't - Monk's Mood - Four In One - Spontaneous Combustion

Christer Boustedt alto sax; Åke Johansson piano; Ivar Lindell bass; Gilbert Matthews drums; Bosse Broberg trumpet (last 3 tracks)

The Big Band In Concert 1957/ 58

Stand By - Six-ten - Lullaby Of Birdland - Stardust - The Moon Walks - A Night In Tunisia - Frantic Blues - Prelude To A Kiss - Cherokee - Kinda Blues - Brief Encounter - Indian Summer - Have You Met Quincy Jones - Room 608 - Count'em - The Midnight Sun Never Sets - Meet Benny Bailey

Collective personnel: trumpets: Sixten Eriksson, Benny Bailey, Bengt-Arne Wallin, Weine Renliden, Arnold Johansson; trombones: Åke Persson, Andreas Skjold, George Vernon, Gordon Ohlsson; reeds: Arne Domnérus, Rolf Lindell, Rolf Bäckman, Bjarne Nerem, Rolf Blomquist, Lennart Jansson, Johnny Ekh, Rune Falk; rhythm section: Bengt Hallberg piano, Bengt Högberg or Rolf Berg guitar, Simon Brehm or Lasse Pettersson bass, Egil Johansen drums. Featured guests: Alice Babs, Tony Scott and Quincy Jones

Next Step

Mirror - One For Three - Monday Afternoon - Directions - Piece lll - April Walk - Heavy Traffic - Beautiful Love - Heart Of Matter - Used Shoes - Green Light

Ewan Svensson guitar; Ove Ingemarsson tenor sax; Matz Nilsson bass; Magnus Gran drums


Simply Drift - Around - Asahi - A Dash Of Plea - Desire As - Signs Of Use - Remains - Reis Glorios - Dark Mirror - Balanced Action - Finally

Collective personnel: Joakim Milder saxophones; Max Schultz guitar; Steve Dobrogosz piano; Christian Spering bass; Petur Östlund percussion; Mats Rondin cello; Henrik Frendin viola & violin

At Large

Autumn In New York - Bye Bye Blackbird - Nature Boy - Berlin - Waltz For Billy - Magic Man - I'll Remember April - All Of You - Lintune - Django - Le Fruit DČfendu

Anders Persson piano, Yasuhito Mori bass, Magnus Gran drums

Bombastica! 1959/60

Bombastica! - Dandy - See The World - Too Late - Come - One Thousand Nights - Back With Me - Latin Beat - Living Up To Life - Dancing In A Country Summer House - Kind'a Sweet - Bombastica! (up tempo version) - Drottningholm Ballad - Sergel - Happiness Beans - Sweet Summer - The Pleasures Of The Ball - Pastorale - Carina - A Waltz For Nannie - In The Fall

Bernt Rosengren tenor sax; Lasse Werner piano; Torbjörn Hultcrantz or Göran Pettersson bass; Sune Spångberg drums; (Kjell Samuelson piano on Bombastica! up tempo version only)

Born Under The Heat

Winnie Mandela - Wish You Sunshine - Portrait Of Tete Mbambisa - Lament For Crossroads - The Boys From Somafco - Namibia - Song For The Workers - Musicians Musician - Let My People Have Some Freedom

Ulf Adåker trumpet; Krister Andersson, Peter Shimi Radise tenor sax; Charles Davis alto sax; Mosa Gwangwa trombone; Thomas Östergren bass; Johnny Dyani bass and piano; Gilbert Matthews drums; (Ed Epstein tenor sax; Pierre Dřrge guitar; Johnny Dyani bass; Gilbert Matthews drums on last two titles)

The Sound Of Surprise

Laura - A Number - Willow Weep For Me - I've Never Been In Love Before - Sous Le Ciels De Paris - The Song Is You - Autumn Leaves

Putte Wickman clarinet; Lars Sjösten piano; Sture Nordin bass; Per Hultén drums

Deep In A Dream

I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plans - Stairway To The Stars - A Ghost Of A Chance - I Didn't Know What Time It Was - At Last - Memories Of You - You Don't Know What Love Is - P H's Blues - It's The Talk Of The Town - Deep In A Dream - Mingelin No. 5 - Body And Soul/V”ttern/This Nearly Was Mine - Monk's Mood

Per Henrik Wallin piano


Piece lV - Arcachon - Spring Is Here - Quietly - Höstglimtar - Just Like Before - Weird Blues - Pancake Rock - Carlo's Dream - Autumn In New York - Waltz For Ann - Short Talk - Late Evening

Ewan Svensson guitars; Yasuhito Mori bass; Magnus Gran drums

Deliberate Sounds

Intro - Birth - Windward - Sweet And Sour Suite - En mymlas sång - Shaping Frames - Y Blues - Midvinterblot - Heart Of Mine - Invisible Thoughts - Outro

Jerker Lindström tenor sax & clarinet; Magnus Broo trumpet; Per 'Ruskträsk' Johansson alto sax & flute; Torbjörn Gulz piano; Filip Augustsson bass; Henrik Wartel drums


Prelude - C - Stella By Starlight - Renfield - Only - I Won Her Heart - Footprints - Postlude

Anders Bergcrantz cornet, except # 6 fluegelhorn, # 1 & 3 trumpet; Richie Beirach piano; Ron McClure bass; Adam Nussbaum drums

Abash Jazz

East Of The Sun - Laphroaig - Fisk - Leutke's Leap - Avenue - Sophisticated Lady

Anders Ekholm c-melody & tenor sax; Tommy Skotte bass; Nils Danell drums

Studio Sessions 1956-58

Topsy Turvy -Kinda Blues - I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me* - Laura - Dedicated To George - In The Fall - Gloomy Eyes - That Old Black Magic - This Can't Be Love - Robbin's Nest - Margie - Liza - Meet Benny Bailey - Moonlight In Vermont - Frantic Blues - Doctor's Special

Collective personnel: trumpets: Sixten Eriksson, Benny Bailey, Bengt-Arne Wallin, Weine Renliden, Arnold Johansson, Ernie Englund*; trombones: Gunnar Medberg, Åke Persson, Andreas Skjold, George Vernon, Gordon Ohlsson; reeds: Arne Domnérus, Fritz Fust, Rolf Lindell*, Rolf Bäckman, Bjarne Nerem, Rolf Blomquist, Lennart Jansson*, Johnny Ekh ; rhythm section: Bengt Hallberg, Gunnar Svensson* piano, Bengt Högberg*, Rolf Berg guitar, Simon Brehm or Georg Riedel bass, Nils-Bertil Dahlander*, Egil Johansen drums.

Still Dreaming

Three-Year-Old Cowboy - Untold Tales - Still Dreaming - Carmilla - Relatives - Where Were You? - Forgotten Memories

Håkan Broström alto and soprano sax; Tim Hagans trumpet; Marc Copland piano; Christian Spering bass; Jeff Hirshfield drums

Bumps Ahead

Vivungs - City Full Of Harmony - Young And Innocent - Bumps Ahead - This Is What - Tiny Tim - Soulmates - The Mellow Way - Spring Song - Pink Elephants - Karmic Slim - April In New York - In The Woodshed

Lars Gulliksson tenor sax & alto flute; Magnus Broo trumpet; Torbjörn Gulz piano; Mattias Svensson bass; Leroy Lowe drums


Blues For Chet - Bumble-Bee - Isminis 49 - Acceptance - Månsken över Ramnasjön - Blues For Christer - Trane Sleeps - Josh - Synkopen i Umeå

Bosse Broberg trumpet; Stefan Isaksson tenor sax; Åke Johansson piano; Ivar Lindell bass; Gilbert Matthews drums


Duckwalk - Go - Down South - American Green - Honey Do - Innocents - Elvis - Road Song - Odor Of Love - The Wild Bird Flies

Dave Wilczewski saxophones; Steve Dobrogosz piano; Olle Steinholtz bass; Magnus Öström drums

Time Unit

J.C Hymn - 17 Too - Time Unit - To Be Considered - The River - Sherpas - Another Time - Gracieca

Lars Danielsson bass; Anders Kjellberg drums; Göran Klinghagen guitar, guitarsynthesiser; Anders Persson piano

Raga, Bebop And Anything

Rondo Ostinato - Blues For Alexander - First Steps - Cantilena - Seven Riffs In Seven - A Cry For Help - Aeolian Harp - Waltz At Lövberga - Raga, Bebop And Anything

Magnus Broo trumpet; Nils Landgren trombone; Håkan Broström alto and soprano sax; Jonas Knutsson alto, soprano and baritone sax;Lennart Åberg tenor and soprano sax; Jan Wallgren piano; Christian Spering bass; Anders Kjellberg drums

Very Early

Moon And Sand - Some Other Spring - Very Early - Autumn In New York - Coming On The Bike - Pavane - Satellite - Sorg - Ramblin'

Bobo Stenson piano; Anders Jormin bass; Rune Carlsson drums

Eight Pieces

Fem Snabba - Ostia Antiqua - EM - Till Ro - N.S. - Alla Gator Leder Bort - Burkina - 30

Staffan Svensson trumpet; Thomas Jäderlund alto & bamboo sax; Dave Wilczewski tenor & soprano sax; Thomas Gustafson tenor & soprano sax; Bobo Stenson piano; Harald Svensson keyboards; Göran Klinghagen guitar; Audun Kleive drums

The Great Sound Of Sound

Fanfar/Mallboläli - The Dada Zone - Epistrophy - The Great Sound Of Sound - Riviera ll - En ny slags likgiltighet - Ecclusiastics - The Mama Zone - Jagad av Jagger, jagad av Watts - Well, You Needn't - Jelly Roll

Mats Eklöf baritone and bass sax, clarinet, trombone; Sture Ericson tenor, alto and soprano sax, flute; Thomas Jäderlund alto and soprano sax, bass clarinet, flute; Jonny Wartel sopranino, soprano, alto, and tenor sax, clarinet, trumpet; Jonas Åkerblom alto, baritone and soprano sax, alto horn


Once Upon A Summertime - What Reason Could I Give - Natt - Lost In The Stars - Tveten - Allt under himmelens fäste - På kryss med monsunen - Q - Preluduo - Olivia

Anders Jormin arrangements, bass, electric bass; Thomas Gustafson tenor and soprano sax; Jeanette Lindström vocal; Jarle Vespestad drums

Live at Visiones

New Hands - Dressed Up - Jung - Little Peanut - Folk Song

Lars Danielsson bass; Dave Liebman soprano sax; Bobo Stenson piano; Jon Christensen drums

Novelty Accordion 1936 - 68

Novelty Accordion - Bugle Call Rag - Accordion Nola - Whispering - After You've Gone/Chinatown My Chinatown - I've Found A New Baby/The Japanese Sandman - Corrinne Corinna - China Boy - Wabash Blues - Ain't She Sweet - Ain't Misbehavin' - Novelty Accordion - Fast Fingers - Benny's Tune - Jumpin At La Visite - That's A Plenty - Running A Temperature - Stardust - Windy - Lady Be Good - Diggin' For Diz - 12th Street Rag - Tiger Rag - My Bonnie - Mud In Your Eye - Novelty Memories - Skipper's Delight - Accordion Riff

Collective personnel includes: Erik Frank accordion; Ove Lind, Sven Gardner, Frits Fust clarinet; Rune Gustafsson, Olle Sahlin, Jonny Bossman, Rolf Berg guitar; Thore Swanerud, Allan Johansson, Norman Stenfalt piano; Jack Parnell, Jack Norén, Gunnar Nyberg drums; Alice Babs vocal

Twenty-Four Hours

(Twenty-Four Hours) - Intro - Dawn - Morning - Daytime - Late Afternoon - Evening - The Inspired Vulture - Little Malcolm - Rebecca - Jumping Emil - (Thank You And Farewell) - Part One - Part Two - Part Three

Collective personnel includes: Anders Bergcrantz trumpet fluegelhorn; Roy Wall, Anders Gustafsson trumpet; Vincent Nilsson trombone, baritone horn; Fredrik Carlqvist, Inge Petersson clarinet, tenor sax; Cenneth Jönsson tenor and soprano sax; Helge Albin alto sax; Jacob Christoffersen piano, synthesizer, Fender Rhodes piano; Sven Bergcrantz piano, Fender Rhodes piano (Little Malcolm & Jumping Emil); Hans Andersson bass; Lennart Gruvstedt drums

Sound Bites

Pete's Feet - Sound Bites - Yesterdays - Empty House - 305 - In a Sentimental Mood - The Song Is You

Jim McNeely piano, arr. and conductor; Dick Oatts guest soloist on alto and soprano saxophones; trumpets and fluegelhorns: Fredrik Norén lead, Patrik Skogh, Gustavo Bergalli, Peter Asplund, Mårten Lundgren; trombones: Bertil Strandberg lead, Mikael Råberg, Mats Hermansson, Anders Wiborg; reeds: Dave Castle, Johan Hörlén, Hector Bingert, Magnus Lindgren, Alberto Pinton; bass: Jan Adefelt; drums: Jukkis Uotila

Gush Live At Fasching

Any Warranty Of - And Any Warranty Otherwise - Warranty Shall Be - Warranty Within Reasonable Time - All Other Warranties

Mats Gustafsson soprano & tenor sax, fluteophone; Sten Sandell piano, voice; Raymond Strid drums

The Spinning Top

The Spinning Top - Déjà-vu - Starcrossed Lovers - Sing Me A Song - My Ideal** - Traintrip** - Till Brita-Lena* - Baker Street* - Molde-75 - Nightwalk - Deep In A Dreem* - Dex* - Spår 12

Åke Johansson piano, solo*; Kjell Jansson bass; Magnus Gran drums; Stefan Isaksson tenor sax**

Untold Story

Sunrise - My Romance - Untold Story - Incognito - Flying Eagle - The House Of The Rising Sun - Men stig in - Inga vanliga stunder - Autumn Leaves - Free As A Bird

Peter Gullin tenor and baritone sax; Morten Kargaard electric and acoustic guitars; Ole Rasmussen double bass

Two Absent Friends

A Ballad At Advent To My Father - The Pleasures Of The Ball - Zo Zey Call One Concentration Camp Werner, Eh? - Blues For Östersund - Drottningholm Ballad - A Wild Trip To Helsinki - Sittin' In The Sun - Sunday Blues - Congratulation - Bridge In Sunlight - Winterday In Sunlight - Winterday In Sunlight 2
The music of Lasse Werner and Kurt Lindgren

Arne Forsén piano; Ulf Åkerhielm double bass; Sune Spångberg drums

Get Stupid

Wunderbaum - Rat Mountain Fountain - Two Men - Riverside Rigmarole - Three Men - Kolved - Dudå gosse part l - Dudå gosse part ll - Dudå gosse part lll - Vanerud - A Couple Of Men - Get Stupid - August In September - The Swedish Way - Dudå gosse part lV

Thomas Jäderlund alto & soprano sax, bass clarinet; Thomas Gustafson tenor & soprano sax; Mats Eklöf baritone sax, clarinet; Staffan Svensson trumpet; Niclas Rydh trombone; Johannes Lundberg bass; Jonny Axelsson percussion; Göran Kron drums

Bebop Enters Sweden 1947-49

Chubby Jackson And His Fifth Dimensional Jazz Group: Intro and Crown Pilots - Begin The Beguine - Shiska (Tiny's Blues) - Crown Pilots - Lemon Drop - Begin The Beguine - Crying Sands - Boomsie - Dee Dee's Dance; Dizzy Gillespie And His Orchestra: I Waited For You - Our Delight - I Can't Get Started - Ool-Ya-Koo - Mam'selle - Manteca - More Than You Know - Oo-Bop-A-Daa - Ray's Idea - I Waited For You; James Moody Jam Session: Indiana - Anthropology - Tea For Two

Chubby Jackson And His Fifth Dimensional Jazz Group: Conte Candoli trumpet; Frank Socolow tenor sax; Lou Levy piano; Terry Gibbs vibraphone, Chubby Jackson bass; Dentzil Best drums, Dizzy Gillespie And His Orchestra: Dizzy Gillespie trumpet, vocal; Benny Bailey, Dave Burns, Lamar Wright Jr, Elmon Wright trumpet; William Shepard, Ted Kelly trombone; John Brown, Howard Johnson alto sax; Joe Gayles, George Nicholas tenor sax; Cecil Payne baritone sax; John Lewis piano; Al McKibbon bass; Kenny Clarke drums; Chano Pozo Gonzales conga; Kenneth Hagood vocal, James Moody Jam Session: Gösta Törner trumpet, leader; Arnold Johansson trumpet; James Moody, Lennart Köhlin tenor sax, Arne Domnérus alto sax; Gösta Theselius piano; Leppe Sundewall bass; Sven Bollhem, Jack Norén (Tea For Two) drums


Shorter's Quarters - Blue Moments - Frida - Colourfields - Heartflower - The Way You Saw Me - Childlike - Mr. J. - After Midsummer

Ann-Sofi Söderqvist trumpet & fluegelhorn; Christina Nielsen tenor & soprano sax; Mathias Algotsson piano; Hans Backenroth bass; Johan Löfcrantz drums


Coyote - The Strange Adventures Of Jesper Klint - This Spring Is This - Mingelin 7-8 - Mingelin 5 - Västgötajazzen - Peterson-Berger?

Per Henrik Wallin piano; Torbjörn Hultcrantz bass; Erik Dahlbäck drums


Point - Trekant - 60 - Bris - Don - Dagg - Circumstances - Natt - Zoom - Till en väg - Point Trio - Ståle's Secret - Sunday - Glory - Jul, jul strålande jul

Anders Kjellberg leader, drums and percussion; Lars Danielsson bass; Tore Brunborg soprano & tenor sax; Ståle Storlökken keyboards; Louis Sclavis clarinets, soprano sax; Marco Ambrosini nyckelharpa (key fiddle)

Gentle Stream

Danny's Return* - Vid Frösö Kyrka - King Porter Stomp - Gentle Stream - Ol' Man River - Old Devil Moon* - Little Wind - Lover Man - Nostalgia In Times Square* - Sevenating Rhythm* - Solöga

Göran Strandberg piano; Hans Backenroth bass; Bengt Stark drums; Rafael Sida percussion*

Something Juiceful

Blues Connotation - Mixintrada/Mixing - Ponta De Areja - Little Rootie Tootie - Ancient People - Dog River - Vers Minuit - The Bill

Ulf Adåker trumpet; Torbjörn Gulz piano; Filip Augustson bass; Jukkis Uotila drums; Santiago Jimenez Borges, Emilio Esrada violin; Christopher Öman viola; Maria Zachariadou cello

Fancy Machine

Awaking - Continuum - Transitions - Motionless - In Between Gestures - Envelopment - Trailing Clouds - Humoresque - Innermost Fragrance

Klas Nevrin piano, zither; Fredrik Ljungkvist baritone, tenor & alto sax, clarinet, live electronics; Peter Janson double bass; Ricard Österstam drums, percussion, electronic drumpads


Piece For Don - Weslike Blues - Hello Young Lovers - I'm A Fool To Want You - Arco Iris - With A Song In My Heart - Falling In Love Again - Do You Hear The Voices That You Left Behind - Nights - Don't Take Me To Broadway - *Prelude To A Kiss

Göran Klinghagen guitar; Christian Spering bass; Leroy Lowe drums; *guest Lina Nyberg vocal, with Klinghagen only

Gush Live in Tampere

Introduction - Enough Of Warranties! - The Final Warranty

Mats Gustafsson soprano & tenor sax, fluteophone, flute; Sten Sandell piano, voice; Raymond Strid drums

Sune Spångberg Trios & Guests Live at Café Aguéli

'Round Midnight - Little Melonae - Where Or When - What Is This Thing Called Love - Lover Man - You Don't Know What Love Is - You Must Believe In Spring - My Old Flame - My Funny Valentine - Cherokee - I Can't Get Started - Waiting

Collective personnel: Carl Fredrik Orrje # 1, 2 Göran Strandberg # 3, 4, 5, 6 Claes-Göran Fagerstedt # 7, 8, 9 Åke Johansson # 10, 11, 12 piano; Ivar Lindell # 1, 2, 10, 11, 12 Owe Gustvsson # 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 bass; Johan Setterlind trumpet # 3; Ludvig Girland violin # 6; Nannie Porres vocal # 9; Sune Spångberg drums


Cecilia - Dance Of The Tides - Vintervisa - Folkblues - The Lost Wanderer - Kvintolium - Fishing With Fischer - Visa Vid Midsommartid

Krister Andersson clarinet & tenorsax; Magnus Lindgren clarinet, flute, soprano, tenor & baritone sax; Jerker Lindström clarinet, alto, tenor & baritone sax; Filip Augustson bass; Magnus Öström drums; Henrik Wartel didjeridoo (#5)

T. G. Evil Orchestra

Månvarv (Lunation) - Förfluten tid (Past Future) - Big Bang - Looping - Cesium 133 - Överlevnad (Survival) - Skapelsen (The Creation) - Viss riktning (Certain Direction) - Flyg Ande (Flying Spirit) - Åldrande (Ageing) - Uppenbar existens (Obvious Beeing) - Levitation

Thomas Gustafson saxophones; Ray Anderson trombone; Jon Balke keyboards; Nguyên Lê guitar; Johan Granström bass; Audun Kleive drums

Symphony No 1 & Jazz From Studio A

Symphony No 1* - part 1, 2, 3 - Topsy** - I Remember You** - What's New** - Straight No Chaser** - S'wonderful**

*Swedish Radio Orchestra; Composer & piano soloist Nils Lindberg; Other soloists; Jan Allan trumpet; Åke Persson trombone; Rolf Billberg alto sax; Harry Bäcklund tenor sax; Lars Gullin & Erik Nilsson baritone sax. ** Benny Bailey trumpet; Åke Persson trombone; Rolf Billberg alto sax; Bjarne Nerem tenor sax; Nils Lindberg piano & leader; Georg Riedel bass; Egil Johansen drums


Somebody Loves Me - Hallelujah -Crazy Rhythm - All The Things You Are - Hit That Jive, Jack - Mud In Your Eye - Just One Of Those Things - Cement Mixer - My Melancholy Baby - On The Sunny Side Of The Street - My Melancholy Baby - Sweet Lorraine - Swedish Pastry - Mel's Idea - Patsy's Idea - Patsy's Idea (alt take) - You Took Advantage Of Me - Cottontop

Collective personnel: Åke Hasselgård, Benny Goodman clarinet; Wardell Gray tenor sax; Sten Carlberg, Chuck Wayne, Billy Bauer guitar; Tyree Glenn vib, trombone; Thore Swanerud, Per-Erik Sparrings, Hasse Eriksson, Mary Lou Williams, Barbara Carroll piano; Simon Brehm, Clyde Lombardi bass; Bertil Frylmark, Mel Zelnick drums

Chet &Toots

Beatrice - Lament - All The Things You Are - When I Fall In Love* - Broken Wing** - For Minors Only - My Foolish Heart***

Chet Baker trumpet & vocal; Toots Thielemans harmonica; Åke Johansson piano; Kjell Jansson bass; Rune Carlsson drums. * omit Baker, ** omit Thielemans, *** omit Thielemans, Baker vocal

Stockholm Blues 1947

Blues Cupol - Ain't Misbehavin' - Am I Blue - Am I Blue (#2) - Always - For Sentimental Reasons - Am I Blue - Blue Skies - Laughing On The Outside - I Only Have Eyes For You - Sweet Georgia Brown - Stardust - Emaline - Sunday - Stockholm Blues - Lonesome Road - Bä Bä Vita Lamm - Jam Session Cupol - Always - Someday Sweetheart - I Only Have Eyes For You

Bob Laine piano; Gösta Törner trumpet; Åke "Stan" Hasselgard clarinet; Folke Eriksberg guitar, Thore Jederby bass, Bertil Frylmark drums, Carl-Henrik Norin tenor sax (3, 4), Britta Mårtensson voc (6, 9, 12), Yvonne Törner voc (17)


Walkin' Shoes - The Red Door - Ain't Misbehavin' - Summertime - Tickle Toe - I'm Beginning To See The Light - Bernie's Tune - Pia - Let's Get Away From It All - I Don't Like It - Autumn In New York - Blues For Lange - Love Me Or Leave Me - S'wonderful - Ja-Da - Loverman - Promised Land - Blues In The Fireplace - Teach Me Tonight - Newfoundland Baby - Indian Country - They Can't Take That Away Fram Me

Gunnar Johnson bass, leader; Erik Norström tenor sax; Curth Severö baritone sax; Jan Johansson piano; Ingvar Callmer or Rolf Svensson or Björn Ågeryd drums; Sonya Hedenbratt vocal

Royal Export

Royal Export - New Orleans - Is It True What They Say About Dixie - Yoshke, Yoshke - You Took Advantage Of Me - It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing - Jespershus - Black & Brown Beer - Taking A Walk - That's A Plenty - Pardon Me, Pretty Baby - Indian Summer - The Music Goes 'Round And Around - In A Sentimental Mood - At The Jazz Band Ball - Exactly Like You

Collective Personnel: Hasse Kahn violin, viola & vocal; Bernt Rosengren tenor sax, flute; Kenneth Arnström alto sax, clarinet, bass clarinet; Thore Swanerud, Rolf Larsson, Knud Jörgensen or Nisse Engström piano; Rune Gustafsson guitar; Bengt Hansson or Sture Åkerberg bass; Per Hultén or Rune Carlsson drums

It's About Time, I'ts About Love

Ten Tons Of Terror - It's About Time, It's About Love - Milos - ACA - Inner Urge - Jarl Erik Hjalmar - Singin' The Blues - Yes Yes - Nardis - Have You Met Miss Jones

Fredrik Carlquist tenor sax; Anders Bergcrantz trumpet (# 2,4,8) - Krister Jonsson guitar (except # 1,6,10) - Mattias Svensson bass - Peter Nilsson drums


Namatanda - Thousand Days Left - Blues - Koto - Minus - Diptyk - Living My Life - Months Of A Stone - A Glimpse Of Maria - M.C

Anders Jormin bass; Arve Henriksen trumpets; Fredrik Ljungkvist clarinet, soprano and tenor sax; Severi Pyysalo vibraphone, bass marimba; Marc Ducret guitars; Christian Jormin drums, percussion, piano

Crown Jewels

What Is This Thing Called Love - Laura - Darn That dream - Blues For Laila - Waiting For Felix - Willow Weep For Me - Limehouse Blues - Pia's Blues - Lover Man - I Thought About You - Stompin' At The Savoy

Claes Crona piano; Hans Backenroth bass; Pétur "Island" Östlund drums

Chelsea Bridge

Upper Manhattan Medical Group (UMMG) - My Little Brown Book - Clementine - Blood Count - Isfahan - Three & Six - Johnny Come Lately - Chelsea Bridge - The Intimacy Of The Blues

Erik Norström tenor sax (ecxept 4, 7); Jan Zirk piano; Kjell Jansson bass; Magnus Gran drums

Sudden Joy

Just Fire - Searching For I - The Informer - Red Key - Bunnebytta - Sudden Joy

Magnus Broo trumpet; Torbjörn Gultz piano; Mattias Welin bass; Jonas Holgersson drums

Face To Face

Out Of Nowhere - Body And Soul - But Not For Me - Stardust - That Tired Old Routine Called Love - St Louis Blues - My Old Flame - I Cover The Waterfront - Lover Man - Just Friends - Just One Of Those Things - What Kind Of Fool Am I - It Don't Mean A Thing

Arne Domnérus alto sax & clarinet; Bernt Rosengren tenor sax; Jan Lundgren piano; Hans Backenroth bass; Aage Tangaard drums

The Swedish Jazz All Stars

Body And Soul - Sugar - Blue Prelude - Idaho - Presentation - Body And Soul - Just Squeeze Me - Sugar - Tea For Two - I Can't Get Started - Truckin' - Idaho - All The Things You Are - I Surrender Dear - Tea For Two - Indiana - Idaho - Presentation - A Sailboat In The Moonlight - Indiana

Gösta Törner trumpet; Putte Wickman clarinet; Arne Domnérus alto sax; Carl-Henrik Norin tenor sax; Reinhold Svensson piano; Simon Brehm bass; Sven Bollhem drums; Alice Babs vocal