See The World/Swing'n Dance Globestars DRCD 415 (2CD) November 2012)

Lime And Juices - Summer Soul - Top Of The Bop - Dandy - Greatest News - See The World - Sheer Delight - Free Standards - Let's Go - It's Ideal - Kind'a Sweet - Bop Suey - Club Dating - So Many Things - Magics - Blue Revue - Dam'it Madam -Tuning Tune - A Cat Remains - Neat Hanks - Globe Starring - Oasis-Places - Blues Dues - I Can Tell - Tracks - Ballroom Time - Aries In April - Living Up To LIfe - Boon-Boom - Thumb Fumble - Swing'n Dance - World Webbing - See The World - Marvelous And Unique - Come - Per Diem
Collective Personnel: Peter Asplund, Bosse Broberg, Rolf Ericson trumpet; Arne Domnérus altosax & clarinet; Hacke Björksten & Bernt Rosengren tenorsax; Gunnar Bergsten barytonsax;Jan Lundgren piano; Mattias Svensson bass; Rasmus Kihlberg drums; Jon Nagourney vibes; Ola Botzén perc; Svante Thuresson & Viktoria Tolstoj vocals.

A jazz composer steps into the limelight! Kjell Samuelson is an 80-year-old Professor, Doctor of Technology (PhD), Doctor of Medicine and industrial consultant who also since the 1940's has belonged to the inner circle of Swedish jazz. He has been a critic for Orkester Journalen, made occasional appearances as a pianist, but above all composed several jazz pieces that have been played and recorded by several jazz musicians of note. In particular, one record, with pianist Lasse Werner and tenor saxophonist Bernt Rosengren, that received much acclaim was issued in USA for more than 50 years ago (and reissued on CD with extra material on Dragon DRCD 287). Now we can present a double-CD with material exclusively by Samuelson, performed by some of the foremost Swedish jazz musicians, in recordings made at the Swedish Radio studios in Stockholm just before the Millennium shift: The trumpets are Rolf Ericson (1922-97), Bosse Broberg and Peter Asplund. The reeds are Arne Domnérus (1924-2008) alto sax, Bernt Rosengren and Hacke Björksten tenor saxes, Gunnar Bergsten (1945-2011) baritone sax, and Viktoria Tolstoy and Svante Thuresson are featured vocalists. In addition, vibraphonist Jon Nagourney among others participates and the rhythm section throughout is the Jan Lundgren Trio. Kjell Samuelson has himself chosen the members and produced his Globe All-Stars. This is a significant musical manifestation of a Swedish jazz composer that is well worth exploring.

Two Generations, Some favorite things DRCD 413 November, 2012)

Love For Sale - The Way You Look Tonight - Autumn In New York -The Blues Are Never Far Away - My Favourite Things - No Words - Never Will I Marry - Pretend You're Me - My Romance - The Meaning Of The Blues - Good Bless The Child - Speak Low - The Sunflower.

Ewan Svensson guitar, Hannah Svensson vocal.

Guitarist/composer Ewan Svensson is justly renowned for his creative abilities. Now another member of the Svensson family, singer Hannah Svensson shows that she has inherited much of her fatherÕs musical talents. Together they combine as a duo under the name ÒTwo GenerationsÓ, performing intuitively not only nine great standards but four songs from the collection written by Ewan and Dave Castle. All the lyrics are in English and vary in mood and tempo.

Stan Hasselgard California Sessions DRCD 409 (June, 2010)

Gotta Have More Money - Hortense - Flying Foam - Gone After You - Swedish Pastry - Sweet And Hop Mop - Who Sleeps - I'll Never Be The Same - Indiana - Swedish Pastry - Greetings To Sweden - One O'clock Jump - C Jam Blues - I Never Loved Anyone - What Is This Thing Called Love - Jam Session At Jubilee - Who's Sorry Now - One O'clock Jump - Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone - Jelly - Blues For Billy - Just You, Just Me - Sweet And Hot Mop - I'll Never Be The Same.

Collective personnel: Stan Hasselgard carinet & vocal #1;Johnny White vibraphone & piano; Red Norvo Vibraphone; Arnold Ross, Jimmie Rowles Dodo Marmarosa piano; Wardell Gray tenor sax;Guy Scalisi, Barney Kessel, Al Hendrickson guitar; Rollo Garberg, Harry Babasin, Billy Hadnott bass; Frank Bode, Jackie Mills, Don Lamond drums; Frances Wayne & Billy Eckstine vocal.

The legendary Swedish clarinettist Åke "Stan" Hasselgard (1922-48) lived during the fall of 1947 and spring of 1948 in Hollywood, where he befriended and played with many well-known musician. It was also here he first recorded "Swedish Pastry" at a sextet session for the Capitol record company. "California Sessions" contain "live" and studio recordings from this period, including some numbers that are being presented for the first time on CD. Among them is a tune with vibraphonist Johnny White, where Hasselgard not only plays clarinet but also sings - with a parody of a Swedish accent. We can also hear him together with singer Frances Wayne, singer and valve-trombonist Billy Eckstine, guitarist Barney Kessel, tenor saxophonist Wardell Gray, vibraphonist Red Norvo - and three of the finest pianists of the time: Arnold Ross, Dodo Marmarosa and Jimmy Rowles.

Ewan Svensson Trio with Linda Pettersson Bratt & Antoine Hervé Sunrise On The Moon DRCD 412 (May, 2010)

Shy (Late Meeting) - Busy Me (Tuesday Evening) - Living In Limbo (In May) - I'm Here (Boat Trip) - Absolutely You ( April Walk) - Sunrise On The Moon ( Sketch) - Seasons Of The Heart ( Early Meeting) - Just Who Do You Think You Are (Piece IV) - No Such Thing (Thanks) - Optimistic Blues ( Altered Blues) - From Out Of The Shadows ( Changed) - Starsville ( Medium) - Being Human ( Being) - Something In Return ( Summer Song) - epilogue-I Am Touched ( Piece II)

Linda Pettersson Bratt vocal; Ewan Svensson guitar; Antoine Hervé piano #3,4,6,7,8,10,12,14 Fender Rhodes #11; Yasuhito Mori bass # 1,2,5,9,13; Mattias Grönroos bass #3,4,6,7,8,10,11,12,14; Magnus Gran drums # 1 - 14; All Music by Ewan Svensson. All lyrics by Dave Castle.

The subtitle of this CD is "Contemporary Songs by Ewan Svensson & Dave Castle". Guitarist Ewan Svensson's Trio is augmented on nine of the fifteen tracks by the renowned French pianist Antoine Hervé and together with singer Linda Pettersson Bratt's characteristically warm timbre they provide these original songs with a fresh new conception. All the members of the group are also featured in soloist roles, which highlight the individual personalities of each player. .

Ewan Svensson Trio Moments Passed DRCD 414 (April, 2010)

Dolphin Dance - My Shining Hour - Peace - Come Rain Or Come Shine - I Hear A Rhapsody - Moment's Notice - Infant Eyes - Summer Night - Days Of Wine And Roses - My Favourite Things - Have You Met Miss Jones?

Ewan Svensson guitar; Yasuhito Mori bass: Magnus Gran drums.
This is a welcome Dragon release with Ewan Svensson Trio, the first since 2000. The original group members play here a selection of well-known standards by, for example, Harold Arlen, Richard Rodgers, Henry Mancini and modern jazz giants Herbie Hancock, John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter and Horace Silver. This is guitar trio jazz at its most integrated and dynamic, with a true "live" feeling created in the studio.

Lars Gullin After Eight p.m. 1954/56 Vol 11 DRCD 410 (August 15, 2009)

After Eight P.M .- Mean To Me (take 2) - Medley: (Just Friends -Someone To Watch Over Me - Lover Man) - Half Nelson - Primula Veris (take 1) - Laburnum Vulgare (take 1) - Lotus Corniculatus (take 1) - Galium Verum (take2) - Perntz (take 1) - Perntz (take 2) - Jeepers Creepers (take 1) - Mean To Me (take 1) - Lover Come Back To Me (take 1)

Collective personnel: Lars Gullin baritone saxophone; Bjarne Nerem or Carl-Henrik Norin tenor saxophone; Arne Domnérus alto saxophone;Åke Persson trombone; Putte Wickman clarinet; Bengt Hallberg or Rune Öfwerman piano; Nils-Bertil Dahlander or Robert Edman drums; Gösta Theselius and His Orchestra.

The eleventh volume of Gullin classics from the golden 1950s. Seven tracks previously unissued! Solos also by Arne Domnérus, Putte Wickman, Rune Öfwerman and other Swedish jazz stars.

Nannie Porres All The Things You Are DRCD 411 (May 2009)

Black Jack - I'll Only Miss Him When I Think Of Him - Lover Come Back To Me - Quiet Nights - All The Things You Are - Willow Weep For Me - Don't Explain - Blue Monk - Your Love Is So Doggone Good - That's All There Is

Nannie Porres vocal; Stig Söderqvist trumpet; Tommy Koverhult, Bernt Rosengren tenor sax; Claes Göran Fagerstedt piano; Jan Oldaéus guitar; Torbjörn Hultcrantz bass; Mats Ahlsberg bass guitar; Leif Wennerström, Peter Smoliansky drums.

Nannie Porres (b. 1939) is a legendary Swedish jazz singer with a distinctive style of her own, who started out already in her teens with saxophonist Bernt Rosengren and other young-and-coming players in the "Jazz Club 57" group. From then on, until she retired a few years ago, she remained a favorite at concerts, clubs, and festival, also making a number of LPs that are now sought-after items for jazz connoisseurs all over the world. Dragon Records is proud to present for the first time on CD what many consider to be her very best album, recorded in 1986 with Rosengren, pianist Claes-Göran Fagerstedt, and a handful of other first-class players. The repertoire, carefully selected, is blues, ballads and show tunes by Ray Charles, Jerome Kern (the title classic "All The Things You Are"), Ann Ronnell ("Willow Weep For Me") and others.

Ola Ringström with Nils Sandström and Jan Allan Confirmation DRCD 408 (May 2008)

Confirmation - These Folish Things - Indian Summer - All To Soon - Go West Eros - New Orleans - Our Love Is Here To Stay - How Long Blues - When Lights Are Low - In A Sentimental Mood - Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams - Blues In My Heart.

Ola Ringström piano; Nils Sandström tenor saxophone (2, 3, 5, 6, 8-10); Jan Allan trumpet (3, 6, 9, 11 )

Ola Ringström is a mature Swedish jazz piano player who has spent much of his life working around Europe with Tony Scott, Albert Nicholas and many others. On this album, he performs solo and is joined in duo and trio settings by trumpeter Jan Allan and saxophonist Nils Sandström

Lars Gullin More Sideman Vol 10 DRCD 405 (May 2008)

Moon Over Miami - Twilight Time - Do You Wanna Jump, Children - Lady Estelle's Dream - Ablution - Lullabye Of The Leaves - Giro - I'll Remember April - 'S Wonderful - Ablution - 'Deed I Do - Over The Rainbow - Lullabye In Rhythm - He's Funny That Way - "Norinism" - Red Devil Blues - Opus What? - Love Walked In - I'll Remember April - Hersey Bar - Song Of the Volga Boatmen - Without A Song - Not Really The Blues.

(#1-#6) Lars Gullin baritone sax; Arne Domnérus alto sax, clarinet (5 & 6); Gunnar Svensson piano; Yngve Åkerberg bass; Jack Norén drums; (#7-#8) add Weine Renliden trumpet; Åke Björkman french horn; Åke Persson trombone; Rolf Blomquist tenor sax; (#9-#10) Lars Gullin baritone sax; Rolf Ericson trumpet; Ulf Linde vibraphone; Bengt Hallberg piano; Gunnar Almstedt bass, Jack Norén drums; (#11-#14); Lars Gullin alto & baritone sax; Gunnar Svensson piano; Simon Brehm bass; Wes Ilcken drums; Rita Reys vocal; (#15 - #17) Lars Gullin bariton sax; Åke Persson trombone; Sven-Olof Walldoff valve trb; Carl-Henrik Norin tenor sax; Rune Öfwerman piano, Lars Pettersson bass; Sven Bollhem drums (#18) Lars Gullin bariton sax; Ernie Englund trumpet; Åke Persson trombone; Gösta Theselius tenor sax; Rune Gustafsson guitar; Simon Brehm bass; Egil Johansen drums; (#19- 23) Lars Gullin baritone sax; Leppe Sundevall, Virde Nilsson, Boo Nygaard trumpets; Folke Rabe, Kurt Järnberg trombones; Kjell Stenborg, Lulle Ellboj alto saxophones; Allan Lundström, Gunnar Lundén-Welden tenor saxophones; Rolf Hedéen piano; Harry Widén bass; Tage Källström drums.

Volume 10 in Dragon's widely acclaimed Lars Gullin series has several previosly unissued tracks, including live recordings from Copenhagen's Tivoli in 1954 and some studio takes with singer Rita Reys. And don't miss Gullin playing "Twilight Time" with Arne Domnérus - a real treat!

Stockholm Jazz Orchestra plays Stockholm Jazz Orchestra DRCD 407 (November 2007)

The Prowlers - Mondeo - Cochise - Särimmers Waltz - O.D. - Dedication - Just Being - Avenida.

Fredrik Norén (lead trumpet & bandleader), Karl Olandersson, Peter Asplund, Magnus Broo (1,2,3,8), Gustavo Bergalli (1,2,4,5,6,7), trumpets; Bertil Strandberg (lead), Magnus Wiklund, Peter Dahlgren, trombones, Björn Hängsel bass trombone;Johan Hörlén (lead), Magnus Blom, Karl-Martin Almqvist, Robert Nordmark, Neta Norén, reeds; Daniel Tilling piano; Ola Bengtsson guitar, Martin Sjöstedt bass, Jukkis Uotila drums.

Stockholm Jazz Orchestra celebrates it's 20th anniversary with a new CD, focusing on the talented composers within the band: trumpeters Peter Asplund, Gustavo Bergalli and Magnus Broo, saxophonists Karl-Martin Almqvist and Johan Hörlén, bassist Martin Sjöstedt, trombonist Bertil Strandberg, drummer Jukkis Uotila. New Swedish jazz at its very best!

Lars Sjösten Early DRCD 406 (May 2007)

Red Moon Over Farsta - My Poor Dead Grandmother - Grandfather' s Waltz - Happy Again - A Little Artist - Mississippi Mood - The Old Man's Dream - Prima Vera - A Cavalier's Song From Vermland - Am Ballad About A Rose-Leaf - Fredrik's Blues.

Lars Sjösten piano; Sture Nordin bass (except #3); Nils Erik Svensson drums (12-15) Fredrik Norén drums (1,2,4,8-10,11); Putte Wickman clarinet (12-15); Bertil Lövgren trumpet (8); Gunnar Bergsten baritone sax (2,8); Bengt Lindqvist organ (15); Bjarne Nerem vocal (1); Kerstin Bagge, Kerstin Dahl, Annica Risberg vocal (1,8,10)

Pianist Lars Sjösten (born 1941) can be reckoned among the very finest Swedish musicians, a jazz soloist and composer who, while possessing a strongly individual style, succeeds in profiling the legacy of Swedish jazz history, in particular the Nordic aspects associated with Lars Gullin, in combination with jazz created by the great American stylists. He played for twelve years with Gullin as well as performing together with many American legends such as Ben Webster, Dexter Gordon, Art Farmer, Lee Konitz, Brew Moore and many others. This CD contains a re-release of music that well represents Swedish jazz from the early Seventies, previously only available on two now relatively rare LPs. Among those taking part is Putte Wickman on clarinet and the repertoire contains two compositions by Lars Gullin as well as two items associated with Nils Ferlin and Cornelis Vreeswijk. Sjösten's Trio is featured in a suite entitled "De röda bilarna (The Red Cars)" which has never before been released. It was recorded at a concert in Stockholm where Lars Sjösten became the first to be awarded the Jan Johansson Memorial Prize. At last, much-sought-after music available for the first time on CD!

Bengt Hallberg All Star Sessions 1953/54 DRCD 402 (May 2007)

Whiskey Sour - Side Car #2 - Limehouse Blues - Pink Lady #3 - Pink Lady #1 - Side Car #1 - Pink Lady #2 - Red Wails In The Sunset - #1 - Red Wails In The Sunset #2 - Doe Eyes #1 - Doe Eyes #2 - Redhead - Depressionism - Meatballs - Blues In Fourths #3 - Blues In Fourths #1 - Blues In Fourths #2

(#1-#7) Åke Persson trombone; Arne Domnérus alto sax & clarinet; Lars Gullin baritone sax; Bengt Hallberg piano,arr; Simon Brehm bass; William Schiöpffe drums; (#8-#11) Ernie Englund trumpet (8,9); Åke Persson trombone (8,9): Carl-Henrik Norin tenor sax (8,9); Lars Gullin baritone sax; Bengt Hallberg piano; Red Mitchell bass; Bobby White drums; (#12-#17) Ernie Englund trumpet (12,13); Åke Björkman french horn (12,13); Åke Persson trombone; Putte Wickman clarinet; Lars Gullin baritone sax; Bengt Hallberg piano; arr; Simon Brehm bass; Robert Edman drums.

One of the most outstanding Swedish jazz musicians who emerged in the Fifties, pianist Bengt Hallberg (born1932), made recordings at that time many of which were directly aimed at the American market. Here are early examples of jazz that possessed a Nordic flavour. Most of them have been rarities since they first appeared in the Fifties in the form of EPs. Moreover, six of the tracks, containing almost 30 minutes of music, have never previously been released. Lars Gullin is present on all tracks and we can also hear such Swedish luminaries as Åke Persson trombone, Putte Wickman clarinet, Carl-Henrik Norin tenor sax, Arne Domnérus alto sax and clarinet, Ernie Englund trumpet as well as Red Mitchell bass and many others. These recordings were made in 1953 and '54. Don't miss these Swedish jazz classics, ready to meet a new, young audience

Lars Gullin Summertime Vol 9 1954/56 DRCD 401 (October 2006)

Primula Veris - Laburnum Vulgare - Lotus Corniculatus - Galium Verum - Fedja - Ma - How About You - Perntz - Summertime - Lover Come Back To Me - Yesterdays - A Foggy Day - So What - Always

(#1-#4) Lars Gullin baritone saxophone; Putte Wickman clarinet; Bjarne Nerem tenor sax; Åke Persson trombone; Bengt Hallberg piano; Georg Riedel bass; Robert Edman drums; (#5-#8) Lars Gullin baritone saxophone; George Vernon trombone; Arne Domnérus clarinet & alto sax; Carl-Henrik Norin tenor sax; Rune Falk baritone sax (5, 6); Rune Öfwerman piano; Georg Riedel bass; Nils-Bertil Dahlander drums;(#9-#12) Lars Gullin baritone sax soloist, with Weine Renliden, Jan Allan, Bengt-Arne Wallin, Nisse Skoog trumpets; Åke Persson George Vernon, Gordon Ohlsson trombones; Arne Domnérus alto sax; Carl-Henrik Norin & Rolf Blomquist tenor sax; Rune Falk baritone sax; Rune Öfwerman piano; Georg Riedel bass; Nils-Bertil Dahlander drums; (#13-#14); Lars Gullin baritone sax; Åke Persson trombone;Rune Öfwerman piano; Georg Riedel bass; Nils-Bertil Dahlander drums

Putte Wickman, Arne Domnérus Bengt Hallberg, Åke Persson, Georg Riedel, Carl-Henrik Norin, Jan Allan, Nils-Bertil Dahlander - many of the foremost Swedish jazz stars participate in this, the ninth volume in Dragon's series containing Lars Gullin's greatest recordings. The title song is a true classic in which Gullin is accompanied by a big band led by Gösta Theselius, including Bengt-Arne Wallin on trumpet. Such Gullin favourites as "Fedja", "Ma" and "Perntz" can be found in their original versions, as well as the four "botanical" titles. The recordings were made in the years 1954 and 1956 and some have never been re-released since then.

In A Cool Way DRCD 404 (April 2006)

Days Of Wine And Roses - I Love You - How Insensitive - Lady Bird - Stella By Starlight - A Foggy Day - Blue Bossa - I Should Care - Just Friends - When I Fall In Love - Gentle Rain - How High The Moon

Tommy Koverhult tenor saxofon; Ove Hollner keyboard

A showcase of how to improvise upon and accompany a melodic theme "in a cool way". That just about sums up the sensitive dialogue that Tommy Koverhult and Ove Hollner offer us on a dozen standards out of "The Real Book", the world's most well-established collection of melody lines and their harmonic sequences.Both the meditative listener and students of jazz should find everything needed to warm the heart in the music contained on this CD, as the two souls of the creative musicians melt into one.
Stockholm Jazz Orchestra Waves from the Vanguard DRCD 403 (March 2006)

Low Down - Central Park North - All My Yesterdays - It Only Happens Every Time - Off The Cuff - Kids Are Pretty People - Consummation - Fingers

Fredrik Norén ( lead and band leader), Peter Asplund; Magnus Broo, Gustavo Bergalli (1, 2, 5, 8 ), Karl Olandersson ( 3, 4, 6, 7) trumpets; Bertil Strandberg (lead), Magnus Svedberg ( 3 - 8), Marcus Ahlberg (1, 2, 5, 8), Magnus Wiklund (3, 4, 6, 7), Fredrik Ruud (1, 2), trombones, Anders Wiborg bass trombone;Dick Oatts (lead), Johan Hörlén, Magnus Lindgren, Robert Nordmark, Karl Martin Almqvist, Gary Smulyan reeds; Göran Strandberg piano; Martin Sjöstedt bass, Jukkis Uotila drums.


"SJO has never sounded better than on this clearly magical evening at Fasching"......"Jazz with a colossal swing"....."Classic big-band jazz that swings fantastically, driving the soloists to the height of their powers"....."Playing with enormous enthusiasm and vitality"....."Jazz of absolute world-class". These are just some brief extracts from the press reviews of the previous, internationally acclaimed "live" recording by the Stockholm Jazz Orchestra, which was also recorded at Jazzclub Fasching in Stockholm. On that CD, as on the new "Waves from the Vanguard", the repertoire consists almost entirely of compositions and arrangements from the pen of Thad Jones, written especially for the legendary Thad Jones-Mel Lewis big-band that played regularly at the Village Vanguard in New York. Two key musicians from that band, saxophonists Dick Oatts and Gary Smulyan, are once again guests with SJO. In addition, the Vanguard band's composer-in-residence Jim McNeely, who has often toured and recorded with SJO, is represented with one of his most dynamic compositions. In the orchestra can be found many of Sweden's most outstanding soloists, such as trumpeters Peter Asplund, Magnus Broo, Fredrik Norén and Karl Olandersson, saxophonists Johan Hörlen, Karl-Martin Almquist and Magnus Lindgren, trombonist Bertil Strandberg, plus a driving rhythm section consisting of pianist Göran Strandberg, bassist Martin Söstedt and drummer Jukkis Uotila.
Big-band jazz has probably never before been played at this level of intensity in Sweden!

Lars Gullin Danny's Dream Vol 8 1953/55 DRCD 396 (Nov 2005)

Bugs - Jump For Fan - Stocks And Bonds - I Fall In Love Too Easily - Danny's Dream - Be Careful - Igloo - Circus - Manchester Fog # 1 - Manchester Fog # 2 - Manchester Fog # 3 - Lars Meets Jeff # 1 - Lars Meets Jeff # 4 - À La Carte - Soho

(#1-#4) Lars Gullin baritone saxophone; Carl-Henrik Norin tenor saxophone ( except # 4); Rolf Berg guitar; Georg Riedel bass; Alan Dawson drums (#5-#8) Lars Gullin baritone saxophone; Rolf Berg guitar; Georg Riedel bass; Robert Edman drums; (#9-#15) Lars Gullin baritone saxophone, piano (#12-#15); Rolf Berg guitar; Georg Riedel bass; Bo Stoor drums

Say the name Lars Gullin and the majority of people in Sweden think of "DANNY'S DREAM", his composition from 1954 that quickly became a Swedish jazz classic if ever there was one. It became the starting point for jazz with a Nordic flavour. It also became the first to be awarded the "Golden Record" by the jazz magazine Orkester Journal as the best Swedish jazz release of 1954. It was recorded shortly before Gullin was voted to a first place in the poll of the American magazine "Down Beat" and just prior to an overwhelmingly successful tour of England and other European countries. DANNY'S DREAM is the title track of the new and eighth volume in Dragon's renowned series with Gullin's recordings. The album also contains even all the music from 1953-55 that Gullin recorded with his quartet of the time, plus three numbers with the addition of tenor saxophonist Carl-Henrik Norin. In new improved-sound versions we can hear some of Gullin's most well-loved recordings. This is a real jazz discovery of Gullin classics!

Eje Thelin Graz 1969 DRCD 377 (Sept 2005)

Sixty-Nine l - The Fool On The Hill - Ack Värmeland Du Sköna (Dear Old Stockholm) - Lapp- Nils Polska - Spanish Castles - Eastern Flavour - Today - Tomorrow - Sixty-Nine ll

Eje Thelin trombone; Palle Danielsson bass; John Preininger percussion.

In Swedish jazz history Eje Thelin (1938-90) is one of the most important figures. The Swedish folk songs "Lapp-Nils polka" and "Ack Varmeland du skona" as well as John Lennon's and Paul McCartney's "The Fool On The Hill" were some of the compositions he played at a legendary concert in Graz, Austria on 15th January, 1969. This inspirational music can now be heard at last on record. At that time Eje was active in Graz as a professor at the College of Music and a busy concert artist in southern and central Europe. Here he can be heard together with bass player Palle Danielsson, who was on his way to becoming a recognised world name on his instrument, and Austrian percussionist John Preininger (1947-2002), who also wrote the album notes. When this recording was made Eje Thelin had just been voted first place among the trombonists in the American Down Beat's international critics' poll in the category "New Talent". This was a very significant result, which previously had only been matched by Lars Gullin in 1954 and since which has never been repeated by any Swedish musician. On this new Dragon CD with material never previously released, Eje Thelin is also represented as composer on several tracks.

Stockholm Jazz Orchestra plays the music and arrangements of Göran Strandberg Vol. 2 Sailing DRCD 400 (April 2005)

Come Rain Or Come Shine - Sailing - Puzzle - Borderline - Yesterdays - Softly As - The Shadow Of Your Smile - Self-Risk - Flags - Verly

Göran Strandberg piano, composer/arranger, conductor; Fredrik Norén, Patrik Skogh, Peter Asplund (except #1,7), Magnus Broo, Karl Olandersson (# 1,7) trumpets; Bertil Strandberg, Magnus Svedberg, (except #1,7), Karin Hammar, Anders Wiborg trombones; Johan Hörlén, Magnus Blom (except #1,7) Pär Grebacken (#1,7), Robert Nordmark (except #5, 6), Krister Andersson (#5, 6), Neta Norén reeds; Martin Sjöstedt bass, Jukkis Uotila drums; Micke Nilsson percussion (#3,4)

The Stockholm Jazz Orchestra, which was started in 1983, is here presented in its seventh CD for Dragon. Trumpeter Fredrik Norén has been the leader since the band's inception. Guest composer-arrangers and soloists including Bob Brookmeyer, Maria Schneider, Jim McNeely, Dick Oatts and Bob Mintzer have all expressed their great enthusiasm and satisfaction when working with the SJO. In November 2000 Dragon issued the CD 'Lakes' (DRCD 352) where Göran Strandberg, the band's regular pianist, was presented as composer and arranger. 'Modern Big Band Jazz of the highest class by one of Europe's leading orchestras' was the summation of a review by Jazz Journal International in December 2001. Now it is time for a second volume of Göran Strandberg's music, entitled 'Sailing', and featuring more of his very personal compositions as well as imaginative arrangements of standards. All lovers of big band jazz can look forward to 60 minutes with exciting solos from Karl-Martin Almqvist, Magnus Broo, Johan Hörlen, Martin Sjöstedt, Fredrik Norén, Bertil Strandberg, Robert Nordmark, Peter Asplund, Jukkis Uotila and of course the composer himself, Göran Strandberg.

Rune Carlsson sings A Swedish Jazz Song Book Tributes DRCD 399 (April 2005)

Satisfaction's Guaranteed - Never Evergreens - Discovering You - Love's Roundabout - Rhythm Everywhere - Raven Lake - Can You Speak The Language? - My Favourite Trane - Appetite - Won't You Say Yes - The Fortune Teller - First Light - A Big Hug

Rune Carlsson vocal, leader; Göran Lindberg piano (#1,2,3,7,8,11,12,13); Åke Johansson piano (#4,6,9,10); Mathias Algotsson piano (#5); Erik Söderlind guitar; Hampus Lundgren bass; Jon Person drums; Bernt Rosengren tenor sax (#2,4,9,10,13); Bertil Lövgren trumpet (#3).

Rune Carlsson in recent years, in combination with his reputation as one of Sweden’s finest drummers, has been honing the art of Jazz Singing, inspired by the likes of Eddie Jefferson, King Pleasure and Jon Hendricks. On this new album he has chosen to sing a number of Swedish jazz compositions written by, amongst others, Lars Sjösten, Bernt Rosengren, Åke Johansson and Kjell Jansson. English lyrics have been provided by Dave Castle, incorporating tributes to many jazz icons. Some of the composers themselves take part on this CD, together with a dynamic rhythm section chosen by Rune Carlsson from the younger generation of Swedish Jazz musicians

Kjell Jansson Quartet with Annika Skoglund Endless DRCD 398 (March 2005)

Meadowland - Morgon (Morning) - The Fortune Teller - Endless - My Man's Gone Now - Look Away - The Snob - A Little Peace And Quiet - Know-All - Sakta vaknar dagen (Slowly The Day Awakens)

Kjell Jansson bass; Gilbert Holmström tenor saxophone; Tommy Kotter piano; Rune Carlsson drums; Annika Skoglund vocal.

Bassist Kjell Jansson contributes another CD in his own name to the Dragon catalogue with his regular quartet, consisting of Gilbert Holmström tenor saxophone, Tommy Kotter piano and Rune Carlsson drums, and now with the addition of the excellent singer Annika Skoglund. Both Kjell and Annika were original members of the group ”Opposite Corner” that recorded an LP for Dragon in 1983: ”Back From Where We Came” (DRLP 70). For his latest CD Kjell has composed and arranged all the music except for ”My Man’s Gone Now”, which was composed by George Gershwin for his folk opera Porgy And Bess. Besides this, Kjell Jansson has also written Swedish lyrics to two of his compositions while Dave Castle has written English lyrics to the remaining five. In Kjell Jansson, Sweden has a composer of great merit as can be seen from the response to his earlier productions on Dragon Records: ”Zonk” (DRCD 384), ”A True Swede” (DRCD 355) and ”Chelsea Bridge” (with co-leader Jan Zirk) (DRCD 346). Once again, a stimulating collection of fine ballads, blues and swinging originals from one of Sweden’s finest group leaders, bassists and composers.

Lars Gullin Vol 7 Silhouette 1951/53 DRCD 395 (March 2005)

Alone - The Continental - Stella By Starlight - For Goofers Only l - For Goofers Only ll - All The Things You Are - You Go To My Head - You Go To My Head - Smooth Breeze - Smart Alec - Apostrophe - Merlin - Colon - Comma - Silhouette - Disc-Major - Holiday For Piano - She's Funny That Way - Night And Day - Sounds Like That - Brazil - Four And No One More - You Blew Out The Flame

(#1-#3) Lars Gullin baritone saxophone; Gunnar Svensson piano; Yngve Åkerberg bass; Jack Norén drums; (#4-#7) Lars Gullin baritone saxophone; Rune Öfwerman piano; Yngve Åkerberg bass; Nils-Bertil Dahlander drums; (#9-#16) Collective personnel: Weine Renliden, Arnold Johansson trumpet; Åke Persson trombone; Åke Björkman french horn; Arne Domnérus alto saxophone; Rolf Blomqvist tenor saxophone; Lars Gullin baritone saxophone; Gunnar Svensson piano; Yngve Åkerberg bass; Jack Norén drums;(#17-#24) Lars Gullin baritone saxophone, arrangements; Åke Persson trombone; Simon Brehm bass; Jack Norén drums.

” Silhouette” is one of the most attractive compositions by Lars Gullin. It can be found in its original version on this new volume containing recordings from Gullin’s golden era during the Fifties. There are also newly discovered gems, among which are three recordings never released earlier, including a magical ”Stella By Starlight” with pianist Gunnar Svensson. Four titles have only ever been released before as 78 rpm records. Gullin performs in groups of different sizes from quartet to octet, the latter inspired by the legendary Miles Davis ”Birth of the Cool” Nonet, including French horn in the line-up. Among the musicians taking part are such luminaries as alto saxophonist Arne Domnérus, trombonist Åke Persson and pianist Rune Öfwerman, all of whom contribute memorable solos.

Hacke Björksten Quintet Three Generations DRCD 397 (November 2004)

Three Generations - All-Time Blues - I Hear Music - Autumn In New York - Free Kick - Nitchevo - In A Sentimental Mood - Give A Damn! - On The Alamo - Soaring Albatross - Tommy's Big Fat Blues - Take Off And Let Go

Hacke Björksten tenor saxophone, leader; Karl Olandersson trumpet; Mathias Algotsson piano, Hans Backenroth bass; Ronnie Gardiner drums

This quintet plays straight-ahead, melodic jazz, flavoured with blues, swing and bebop. Hacke Björksten is the leader and tenor saxophonist who, together with drummer Ronnie Gardiner make up the elder generation in the group. Pianist Mattias Algotsson, bassist Hans Backenroth and 25-year-old trumpeter Karl Orlandersson represent the younger generations. All five belong to the elite among Swedish jazz musicians and share a common attitude to how jazz should be played. Hacke has composed a large portion of the repertoire, which otherwise consists of evergreens from the American songbook, and he has arranged all the music. With this, their debut CD, Hacke Björksten's generation-integrated quintet has made a valuable contribution to Swedish jazz history. From the leader's flowing sax lines in the spirit of Zoot Sims to the brilliant, youthful trumpet cascades of Karl Orlandersson, this is jazz of the most vital kind that is guaranteed to bring a feeling of satisfaction to the majority of jazz enthusiasts. Total playing time: over 60 minutes.

Janne "Loffe" Carlsson & His Playmates My One And Only Love DRCD 393 (November 2004)

Inception - Come Rain Or Come Shine - Peace - Secret Love - Hackensack - In Your Own Sweet Way - Triste - All The Things You Are - My One And Only Love - Minority

Ulf Andersson tenor saxophone; Ewan Svensson guitar; Jesper Andersson electric bass; Janne "Loffe" Carlsson drums, leader

Janne Carlsson is one of Sweden's best-known artists in show business, famous for a series of character roles in TV, theatre and film. His most enduring portrait was of a figure by the name of "Loffe" in a TV drama series about Swedish soldiers during World War II. So convincing was his performance that he became "Loffe" to the whole nation. What perhaps many people are not aware of is that Janne also, for many years, has belonged to the most highly regarded among Swedish jazz drummers. He has played, for instance, with saxophonists Dexter Gordon, Johnny Griffin, Don Byas, Charlie Mariano and Brew Moore at the legendary "Golden Circle" in Stockholm in the '60s. In the past he was a long-time member of the late pianist Lasse Werner's group as well as making up half of the successful organ-and-drums duo "Hansson & Karlsson". Today Janne plays with the same verve and commitment as he has always done in the past, together with Ulf Andersson, Ewan Svensson and Jesper Andersson, three equally dedicated players. Total playing time: over 60 minutes.

Rolf Ericson Miles Away 1950 - 52 DRCD 394 (November 2004)

Miles Away - Conservation - Perdido - How High The Moon - Perdido - Fine And Dandy - The Daring Young Swedes In The Flying Trapeze - A Swedish Butterfly - Don't Take Your Love From Me - This Is A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening - The Way You Look Tonight - The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise - Easy To Love - Day By Day - The Cool Pool - Tickle Toe - Almost Like Being In Love - Almost Like Being In Love tk 2 - Westbound - Kief - So What - So What tk 2

Collective personnel: Rolf Ericson trumpet, leader; Arne Domnérus, Gösta Theselius, Carl-Henrik Norin, Mikael Flagstad, Lars Gullin reeds; Carl-Erik Lindgren clarinet; George Vernon, Åke Persson trombone; Åke Björkman french horn; Reinhold Svensson, Bengt Hallberg, Gunnar Svensson, Rune Öfwerman piano; Lasse Karlsson guitar; Simon Brehm, Leppe Sundewall, Yngve Åkerberg, Bengt Wittström bass; Sven Bollhem, Jack Norén, Robert Edman drums. Arrangements by Gösta Theselius, Bengt Hallberg, Lars Gullin & Sven-Olof Walldoff

Rolf Ericson (1922-97) was for many years Sweden's jazz representative in the international jazz world, an outstanding trumpet player and featured soloist with Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus, Tommy Dorsey, Count Basie and many other of America's foremost big bands. In the autumn of 1947 he travelled for the first time from Sweden to the USA where he played with orchestras led by Charlie Barnet, Benny Goodman, Charlie Ventura and, not least, Woody Herman. In 1950 he returned to Sweden with the intention of taking a short holiday, but he in fact stayed for two years during which time he was to tour with Charlie Parker, form the famed Nalen band together with Arne Domnérus, and make a collection of remarkably fine recordings that are now at last compiled on to CD - true Swedish classics. Most of the music has only been available previously on 78-rpm records and some items have never before been released in commercial form. Total playing time: over 70 minutes.
A Swedish jazz legend in close-up, recorded during some of his most creative years.

Lars Gullin Vol 6 1949/52 Sideman DRCD 392 (October 2004)

Swedish Pastry - The Man I Love - Yellow Duck - I'd 've Baked A Cake - Wilhelmina - Godchild - How Deep Is The Ocean - Love Walked In - Moody' Bounce - Two Fathers - Flamingo - Don't Get Scared - A Handful Of Stars - I'm Gonna Lock My Heart - Be-Bop-Knopp - Summertime #1 - Summertime #2 - Dancing In The Dark - First Walk - Lady Estelle's Dream - Moon Over Miami - Do You Wanna Jump Children - The Girl With The Net - Any Time - Who Sleeps - The Girl With The Net

Collective personnel; Lars Gullin clarinet, bass clarinet, alto-, tenor- & baritone saxophone; Anders Svärd,Sixten Eriksson, Olle Hedberg, Arnold Johansson, Leppe Sundevall, Rolf Ericson trumpet; Per Arne Crona, Zoot Sims, Åke Blomqvist, Martin Tidlund, Seymor Österwall, Arne Domnérus,Stig Gabrielsson, Harry Arnold, Rolf Blomqvist, James Moody, Carl-Henrik Norin, Stan Getz, reeds; Putte Wickman clarinet; George Vernon, Åke Persson, trombone; Mats Olsson, Dick Hyman, Rolf Larsson, Stig Holm, Bengt Hallberg, Reinhold Svensson, Gunnar Svensson, Gösta Theselius piano; Arthur Österwall, Charlie Short, Arne Söderlund, Hasse Tellemar, Gunnar Almstedt, Yngve Åkerberg, Simon Brehm, Bengt Wittström bass; Sture Eriksson, Ed Shaughnessy, Gunnar Olsson, Bertil Frylmark, Anders Burman, Jack Norén, Sture Kallin, Robert Edman drums; Ulf Linde vibraphone; Charles Judah, Brita Borg, Alice Babs vocal

Many previously unreleased recordings can be found in this Volume 6 of Dragon's prized Lars Gullin series. We can hear Lars Gullin as Stan Hasselgard-inspired clarinetist with Arthur Österwall's Sextett 1949, as bass-clarinetist with Putte Wickman's studio ensemble, as tenor saxophonist with the Four Tenor Brothers, and naturally as baritone saxophonist with Alice Babs at the Gröna Lund Tivoli Park, summer 1951, with the orchestras of Thore Ehrling and Seymour Österwall, with Leonard Feather's Swinging Swedes (which also included Rolf Ericson and Åke Persson), with American star soloists Stan Getz, James Moody and Zoot Sims, and with a quintet led by Arne Domnérus for the Swedish radio. Together with this CD (playing time over 77 minutes!) a 24-side booklet in English follows containing all the facts concerning the recordings together with many unique photographs..
Another invaluable addition to the Lars Gullin series which illustrates other sides of his artistry that have never been so thoroughly highlighted before.

Peter Gullin Trio with Linda Pettersson From Time To Time DRCD 392 (September 2004)

From Time To Time - The Swede - You Are Everything - Chan's Song -D ag För Dag - Children's Fairytale - Blackbird

Peter Gullin baritone & tenor saxophone; Morten Kaargard guitar; Ole Rasmussen bass; Linda Pettersson vocal

Peter Gullin, sadly, died in 2003, much too early, at the age of 44. He formed the Peter Gullin Trio in 1989 and in 1992 the group's first CD "Tenderness" (DRCD 222) was awarded Orkester Journalen's "Golden Record" for the best jazz production of the year. The trio went on to make two more CDs for Dragon,"Transformed Evergreen" (DRCD 266) and "Untold Story" (DRCD 315). "From Time To Time" contains the trio's final recordings, in which Peter Gullin has composed, arranged, written lyrics, and plays tenor and baritone saxophone. Morten Kargaard is on guitar and Ole Rasmussen on bass. In addition, the trio is joined by singer Linda Pettersson whose impressive range, control and accuracy is a perfect complement to the unobtrusive but strong charisma of the group. Peter Gullin was often uncompromising in his relationship to music, he knew exactly how he wanted it to sound and the results demonstrate this. There were seldom any over-exaggerated gestures, he was content with subtleties of expression in the smaller trio environment, and in his collaboration with Morten and Olle.

On this CD Peter Gullin has left a legacy of a valuable and timeless musical document, displaying his many artistic gifts to the full.!

Per Henrik Wallin Trio Where Is Spring DRCD 390 (April 2004)

Winter Rhapsody - Where Is Spring - Harry's Tune - Mingelin No. 5 - Empty Streets - Six Down - Ungmön på Käringön - Farewell To Romania - Upright 4 PM - Winter Rhapsody (alt. version) - PH'S Ramble

Per Henrik Wallin piano; Torbjörn Hultcrantz bass; Leif Wennerström drums.

Pianist Per Henrik Wallin holds the reputation of a musician who can constantly surprise his listeners with a full range of contrasts covering the history of jazz piano. From early stride styles, through the post-bop idioms right up to the unlimited bounds of free jazz, Per Henrik is a master of the keyboard. This demands the best of his fellow musicians, who on this album are bassist Torbjörn Hultcrantz (1937 - 1994) and drummer Leif Wennerström. Prior to his three earlier CD productions for Dragon Records, Per Henrik recorded no less than seven LP's for this label. The last of these, "Where Is Spring", recorded 1986 -87, provides the material for this CD, with all titles except one composed by Per Henrik Wallin. This is completed with the addition of almost a half-hour's extra music in the form of an alternate version plus two completely new, unissued titles from those sessions. "Where Is Spring" has long been cited as a favourite among enthusiasts and collectors of Per Henrik's music. They, together with new listeners, will surely welcome the availability of it now on CD, complete with considerably more music from the same period.

One of the most dynamic piano trios in Swedish jazz of the '80s, freewheeling with unlimited spontaneity through more than 70 minute's music!

Stockholm Jazz Orchestra with Dick Oatts & Gary Smulyan Homage DRCD 389 (January 2004)

Tiptoe - Interloper - 61st And Rich'it - Thank You - Don't Git Sassy - Two As One - The Little Pixie

Fredrik Norén, Peter Asplund; Magnus Broo, Gustavo Bergalli trumpet; Bertil Strandberg, Magnus Svedberg, Marcus Ahlberg, Anders Wiborg trombone;Dick Oatts, Johan Hörlén, Magnus Lindgren, Karl Martin Almqvist, Gary Smulyan reeds; Göran Strandberg piano; Martin Sjöstedt bass, Jukkis Uotila drums.

Here is the Stockholm Jazz Orchestra making its sixth album for Dragon. In common with one of the band’s previous CDs from 1994 ,”Live at Jazzclub Fasching” with Bob Mintzer (DRCD 269) this album was recorded at the famous Stockholm jazz venue before an enthusiastic audience. Alto and soprano saxophonist Dick Oatts was a guest on the SJO album ”Sound Bites” with Jim McNeely (DRCD 311) and he returns here in the company of baritone saxophonist Gary Smulyan. Both men are long-standing members of the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra in New York and they were perfect choices for the cause of paying homage to the two great founders Mel Lewis and Thad Jones who started the band in 1966 as their ”Jazz Orchestra”. The compositions and arrangements of cornetist Thad Jones provided a repertoire for the finest musicians in NYC to play and develop by way of the collective inspiration that existed in the orchestra. From being originally a Monday night activity at the Village Vanguard jazz club, the band became a world-wide name touring a great many different countries. In fact the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra provided much of the inspiration behind the foundation of the Stockholm Jazz Orchestra in 1983. This album provides an opportunity to pay homage to the ”forefathers” themselves, with many of the band’s star soloists such as Johan Hörlén, Magnus Lindgren, Bertil Strandberg, Göran Strandberg, Karl-Martin Almqvist, and leader Fredrik Norén as well the two guests Dick Oatts and Gary Smulyan giving some of their most exciting performances ever.

The true electric atmosphere of a live performance captured with the Stockholm Jazz Orchestra’s tribute to Mel Lewis & Thad Jones

Håkan Broström Do You Remember? DRCD 386 (November 2003)

Song From The White River - Do You Remember? - Sandra - Just Another Ballad - Quiet Evening At Home - Thankfulness - Configuration - Whispers From Yesterday - For The Lost Ones - A Warm Hand - Ghost Story

Håkan Broström soprano & alto sax; Anders Persson piano; Palle Danielsson bass; Bengt Stark drums.

Although Håkan Broström has three previous albums as leader on Dragon Records, it is 8 year since his last "Still Dreaming" DRCD 297. That album featured a Swedish-American quintet. Now on this his latest CD he is once more leading an all-Swedish quartet made up of some of the foremost jazz musicians in the country. Anders Persson is on piano, Bengt Stark on drums and, not least, the internationally renowned Palle Danielsson on bass. Håkan Broström himself is rightfully regarded as one of the most outstanding jazz musicians today on alto and soprano saxophone. He also continues to increase his reputation as a composer, having penned all the eleven compositions on this CD. From melodic, thoughtful ballads and tough blues to driving up-tempo contemporary be-bop, he shows a masterful approach to his material, with the inspired interaction of the other players in the quartet. Total playing time is over 63 minutes.

A most welcome release by a much-respected and gifted jazz improviser and composer!

Harry Arnold Big Band Vol 2 DRCD 382 (October 2003)

Zdravstvujte - Något snabbare blues - Satin Doll - Isn't It Romantic - Ramblin'- Ugglor i Stora Mossen - Old Folks - Unison Blues - Rockin' In Rhythm - - 3-2-1-Go -It Dont Mean A Thing - I sista minuten - Just In Time - Promenad - Språngmarsch - Vad nu då - Ain't Misbehavin' - Groteskerier - Hastig Blues för radiobandet - Gånglåt från Roslags Näsby

Collective personnel; Nat Pavone, Weine Renliden, Gösta Nilsson, Bosse Broberg, Lars Färnlöf, Bengt Arne Wallin, Lars Samuelsson, Bertil Lövgren, Jan Allan trumpet, fluegelhorn or cornet; Kenny Rupp, Andreas Skjold, George Vernon, Olle Holmqvist, Gunnar Mellberg trombones; Arne Domnérus, Rolf Bäckman, Bertil Erixon, Lennart Jansson, Claes Rosendahl, Bjarne Nerem, Rolf Blomqvist, Rune Falk reeds; Jan Johansson piano, marimba; Rune Gustafsson guitar; Georg Riedel, Roman Dylag, bass; Egil Johansen drums. Arrangements by Jan Johansson & Georg Riedel

Here is the second volume of previously unreleased STEREO recordings with Harry Arnold from 1964/65, quite simply some of the best examples of big-band jazz to have come out of Sweden! This time it is pianist Jan Johansson and bassist Georg Riedel who have written all the music and also play it together with the legendary ”Swedish Radio Band”. Johansson and Riedel were responsible for a particularly adventurous development of the band’s music and repertoire during its later years. Included are original compositions, Ellington favourites, and classic standards. Together with the imaginative solo contributions from many of the band’s soloists, among others, Arne Domnérus, Bosse Broberg, Bengt-Arne Wallin, Bjarne Nerem, Rune Gustafsson and, not least, the arrangers themselves with Jan Johansson at the height of his inventiveness, this issue makes a superb complement to Vol. 1 in the series.

This second volume by the Harry Arnold Big Band vintage 1964/65 offers 20 more previously-unissued tracks, confirming its stature as an orchestra of highest international class.

Carl Orrje Skylight DRCD 387 (September 2003)

What Must I Do? - The Hyacinth - Sprightly Steps - Remembering Kurt - October 23rd - Flight - Skylight - Svartnäs - Hungarian Dream l - Hungarian Dream ll

Carl Orrje piano; Filip Augustson bass; Ali Djeridi drums

In 1987 a trio led by Kurt Lindgren recorded a CD which was later released by Dragon ("Lady M" DRCD 189). Featured on piano was Carl Orrje, at that time just 20-years old, together with his mentor, bassist / composer Kurt Lindgren (1938 - 1989) and drummer Ali Djeridi. Now 16 years later we can hear both Carl and Ali together with bassist Filip Augustson in this new trio recording. These days Carl lives in New York where he plays together with a number of prominent musicians. However, he still tries to find time to visit Sweden as in the spring of this year when he made these recordings. A further visit is scheduled for live concerts in the autumn. On this CD Carl Orrje has composed the entire programme. "The Hyacinth" is a poem by Edit Södergren with Carl's music, "Remembering Kurt" is dedicated to Kurt Lindgren and in "Hungarian Dreams" he gathers inspiration from Franz Liszt. This trio has the capacity to present a programme covering a wide spectrum of musical colours and influences. The recording engineer is the much-admired Åke Linton and the playing time almost 63 minutes.

This newly-established trio creates music of a personal and timeless nature, played with excellent taste and quality.

Harry Arnold Big Band Vol 1 1964/65 DRCD 379 (August 2003)

Serenade To Yrolaine - If You Could See Me Now - Visa Från Dala-Järna - I Knew It, I Knew It - King Valiant - How Long Has This Been Going On - It's In The Bag - Margie - You've Got It - Polka Dots And Moonbeams - Tomorrow Is The Question - Blues For Nathan - Per Speleman - Tina - Nice And Easy - I Hear A Rhapsody

Collective personnel; Nat Pavone, Weine Renliden, Gösta Nilsson, Bosse Broberg, Lars Färnlöf, Bengt Arne Wallin, Lars Samuelsson, Bertil Lövgren, Jan Allan trumpet, fluegelhorn or cornet; Kenny Rupp, Andreas Skjold, George Vernon, Olle Holmqvist, Gunnar Mellberg trombones; Arne Domnérus, Rolf Bäckman, Bertil Erixon, Lennart Jansson, Claes Rosendahl, Bjarne Nerem, Rolf Blomqvist, Lennart Åberg, Rune Falk reeds; Jan Johansson piano, marimba; Rune Gustafsson guitar; Georg Riedel, Roman Dylag, Sture Åkerberg bass; Egil Johansen drums. Arrangements by Harry Arnold, Pete Jacques, Bengt-Arne Wallin, Bosse Broberg & Runo Ericksson

When an LP by "The Jazztone Mystery Band" was issued in 1957 in the United States, American musicians and critics, after a blindfold test, suggested a variety of many famous orchestras and soloists as being the performers. It was in fact, to everyone's surprise at the time, the Harry Arnold Swedish Radio Studio Orchestra. The following year saw a visit from Quincy Jones as guest leader and composer/arranger for the band Although Harry Arnold was the orchestra's chief arranger, by 1964 he was delegating many arrangements to others. On this CD we can hear previously unissued STEREO recordings from 1964 and 1965 with the now-legendary "Radio Band" playing the arrangements of Pete Jacques, Bengt-Arne Wallin, Bosse Broberg, Runo Ericksson and, of course, the leader himself. These include Swedish folk songs with jazz treatments, classic jazz compositions and originals. The star soloists include pianist Jan Johansson, Arne Domnérus on alto sax and clarinet, trumpeter Bosse Broberg, Bjarne Nerem on tenor sax, Rune Gustafsson guitar, Georg Riedel bass and Egil Johansen drums.

These recordings demonstrate that the Swedish Radio Band led by Harry Arnold during the mid-'60s was still a vital and creative force.

Claes Crona Trio Didima DRCD 388 (August 2003)

Alice In Wonderland - Django - One For Julius - Here's That Rainy Day - Didima - Hommage À Bach - Softly As In A Morning Sunrise - It Never Entered My Mind - A Raggy Waltz - All The Things You Are

Claes Crona piano; Jörgen Smeby bass; Pétur "Island" Östlund drums.

This is the third Dragon CD by the Claes Crona Trio. As with the two previous albums (DRCD 345 "Crown Jewels" and DRCD 359 "Winter Wonderland") the drummer is the ever-sensitive and swinging Pétur "Island" Östlund. New on bass is Jörgen Smeby, one of the most highly regarded on this instrument in Sweden. Claes Crona has composed three of the tunes of which "Didima" is a fond dedication to his mother-in-law. The remaining 7 titles are a selection of well known standards, such as "Alice In Wonderland", "Django" by John Lewis, "Softly As In A Morning Sunrise", "All The Things You Are" and a solo-piano interpretation of "It Never Entered My Mind". The recording was made at the end of March 2003 with a total playing time of over 50 minutes.

Claes Crona leads one of the most coordinated piano trios in Sweden today with a well-balanced programme illuminating the talents of each member.

Göran Strandberg / Berit Andersson Quartet How 'Bout Now DRCD 383 (April 2003)

How 'Bout Now - Turnaround - Children Of Another World - Nowhere Else - Not Known - Shadows - Once Upon A Summertime - Out Of Tune - Sweet And Bitter - Puzzled - Skylark - Carried Away - Cry To The Stars

Berit Andersson vocal; Göran Strandberg piano,(except # 3); Filip Augustson bass (except # 5, 13) ; Fredrik Rundqvist drums (except #13)

Göran Strandberg needs no presentation for enthusiasts of Swedish jazz piano. He has made four recordings under his own name for Dragon Records (three LPs and one CD -"Gentle Stream" DRCD 322 ) as well as being pianist with the Stockholm Jazz Orchestra which recorded a CD exclusively featuring his compositions and arrangements ("Lakes" DRCD 352). Singer Berit Andersson is probably most well-known for the 10-year period from 1984-1994 when she worked together with pianist/composer/lyricist Steve Dobrogosz. A double-album ("Best of" DRCD 2003) contains many examples of their collaboration. On this new CD with Göran Strandberg she displays even more sides of her considerable vocal talent. Bassist Filip Augustson has established himself as one of the most sought-after musicians on the Swedish jazz scene. The same can be said for drummer Fredrik Rundqvist. Two other instrumentalists are featured guests on some tracks: Tenor saxophonist Joakim Milder and trombonist Bertil Strandberg. These are two players with strong, individual personalities who add valuable dimensions. Göran Strandberg has arranged all the music, including ten original compositions (with English lyrics by himself and Dave Castle), plus three magnificent ballads by Hoagy Carmichael, Michel Legrand and Maria Schneider. Together with the skill of ace sound-engineer Åke Linton, the Göran Strandberg / Berit Andersson Quartet make their debut-CD with music that is

Original, poetic and immediate

Eje Thelin 1966 with Barney Wilen DRCD 366 (April 2003)

Pam Kan - To A Moment Of Truth - Doj-Doj - Forever - Doj-Doj - To A Moment Of Truth - It Could Happen To You - Ack Värmeland Du Sköna - Fast

Eje Thelin trombone; Barney Wilen tenor sax, except # 2 soprano sax; Lars Sjösten piano # 1-4; Erik Lundborg bass # 1-4; Palle Danielsson bass # 5-9; Rune Carlsson drums. Five trumpets, three trombones, bass clarinet & flute added on # 1-4

Eje Thelin (1939 -90) was recently chosen by the commitee of the French "Django d'Or" prize as "LEGEND OF JAZZ", and a concert was held in his honour at Nalen in Stockholm. On this CD he performs in the company of the legendary French saxophonist Barney Wilen (1937 - 96), a musician who recorded and toured with among others, Miles Davis and Art Blakey. Thelin and Wilen led a group together in 1966 that travelled extensively but never made any gramophone recordings. This CD contains previously unreleased recordings for the Swedish Radio as well as "live" sessions from "Dans In" at the Gröna Lund Tivoli Park in Stockholm. Besides original compositions by Thelin we can hear Jimmy van Heusen's "It Could Happen To You" and a masterful version of "Ack Värmeland du sköna", the Swedish folk melody that was retitled by Miles Davis as ""Dear Old Stockholm". All music arranged by Eje Thelin.

An essential document from the year 1966 when two young international jazz stars collaborated to exchange ideas and impulses

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